A Splash of Pink "TechniColor Commentary"

September 21, 2015

Warriors know a wish is just a string of words...belief is the living catalyst. To ALWAYS BELIEVE is to adopt the Warrior's creed and accept the ULTIMATE challenge. My husband was a hero and a mentor to me like he was to you. I understand his impact. His philosophy is a living and breathing part of all of our lives and our charge is to carry it forward. His greatest wish would have been that we built on his foundation to spread his message so generations to come could live inspired by we, the storytellers. We cannot let the Warrior Philosophy be forgotten. It is a living organism but requires our breath to not only survive but thrive. My husband might have been a great wrestler but he was so much more than that as a man. We have a responsibility to honor him by teaching what it was he taught us.

I take very little notice of critics but I think it is always positive to offer those same critics a reasonable explanation they might absorb as information. The idea that my husband is dead a...

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