A Splash of Pink "TechniColor Commentary"

April 25, 2016

There have been many sad losses recently that have given me pause. On any given day any of us can leave the planet. You do not know when that day will come so you must be respectful of the fact we are all here on loan from our creator. The fragility of life and the unknown element of how much time we have here is a whistle blown to get to work! What if we postpone our destiny believing time has promised us "down the road"... That is not a promise made so respect the fact as human beings we have expiration dates.


One of the things I've recently truly pondered is the love we give and receive during our time here. I'll never forget sitting at my kitchen counter days after Warrior died tears running down my face telling Denise I would never open my heart to love somebody again. I told her the pain of the loss was truly too devastating. She reached a hand over to cover mine and softly said, "That's ok to say and feel now...I just think that would be such a shame. The thing is, the best thin...

January 5, 2016

On my birthday Indy gave me this fortune as a gift. I had been getting my hair and makeup done so they ran to this awesome Chinese restaurant Warrior always loved and came back with it in hand. We all cried. I had planned my birthday dinner as this start to a new chapter and the fortune felt like a true acknowledgement that we could look forward to the next season being less heavy and get on with the assignments we've each been  given in this lifetime.


There's a lot to do in 2016. A lot of projects to get started and a lot of irons to put in the fire. My number one priority will always be moving Warrior's legacy forward and keeping it's gold standard preserved for his girls and all of you. I know him being home in the WWE was his final comfort and I can tell you they are dedicated to helping us Warriors bring his passion and vibrancy to future generations. Whatever strife came before was settled that epic weekend and since his death there has been nobody more surely at my back than eve...

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