A Splash of Pink "TechniColor Commentary"

February 22, 2016

My husband was restless. Warrior was an impatient man. It was a good thing because it was part and parcel to his package of intensity but it was sometimes hard to corral. He wanted to do it NOW,...all of it!..with very little breathing and even less sleep. One of the things I brought to our relationship was the perspective of "Ultimate Timing" and the fact no matter your strength, passion, or persistence, if it wasn't in the order of divine timing you were out of luck.


I'm not a patient woman. Please do not misunderstand. I am an energizer bunny, hit the ground running, let's get this moving, kind of girl but I also know my verve must line up with a greater force's vision. What I continue to do every day is show up and say, "I am ready as I can be as this day begins, use me to do good...". Some days things just fall into place and I feel the hum of the engine propelling me forward. Some days I feel stuck in the mud in a monster truck with my wheels spewing wet dirt! I get impatience. I...

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