A Splash of Pink "TechniColor Commentary"

October 3, 2016

It was the morning after Indy's surprise going away party and we had three days left of life as we knew it. Every weekday morning is the same...my alarm goes off at five, Indy up at 6:15, Mattie 6:30, hair flying, mascara wands blazing, toast eaten, out the door by 7:15. We listen to music all the way to town *loud*...and I dance. I do not know how to drive if I'm not jamming...Mattie has embraced this...Indy rolls her eyes and shakes her head but she smiles and sometimes says, "Mom, you are really cute.".

We had dropped Mattie, were making the Starbucks circuit (trenta strawberry refresher, no water for me, grande vanilla chai for Indy) when Indy looked across the truck and said, "You know you are the one who's advice made this dream come true.". 


"Yes mom. Your's. You said, 'Never choke when it counts...It's that easy....Don't choke.'."

I half laughed, half "choked"up. 

I do say that. 

I say it to myself and I have said it at important junctures to the girls. I even said...

March 28, 2016

When Warrior was inducted into the 2014 Hall of Fame Class he wanted the girls and me to feel special. He came shopping for dresses with me and loved the white one I wore but said the slit needed to be higher (lol). I could not find shoes I liked to go with it but one afternoon I found a box on the kitchen counter. Inside was this pair of sparkly Betsey Johnson shoes with baby blue soles. I told him I felt like Cinderella in them. I did.


When it was time for last year's Warrior Award I had trouble wanting to go shopping for a dress without him. When I did the sweetest woman said please try on this dress for me...it was the one I bought and wore to help induct Connor. I put it on with his beautiful shoes and decided I would wear his shoes always.


Hall of Fame is around the corner and his spirit is strong and alive in  me, his Warrior Girls, and all of you. I am proud to say this year again...I will walk in his shoes.


I believe in the running this ultimate man did and the  gifts he left...

March 28, 2016

I could not be more thrilled with the honor I have been given to induct Joan Lunden into this year's class at Hall of Fame. Ms. Lunden's spunk, wit, and verve along with her fight like a Warrior attack makes her the quintessential Warrior Woman and the ULTIMATE choice as the second Warrior Award recipient.

After last year's induction of Connor I wondered how we could ever match the level of deservedness. Connor and his father Steve embody all that this award was meant to capture so I am delighted WWE made the choice of Joan Lunden. Ms. Lunden is a Warrior in her own right and an inspiration to us all. Joan Lunden waged war on this disease telling Robin Roberts she went into "Warrior Mode" when she learned of the battle she was facing.   

It is the mark of a true Warrior to not merely survive the unthinkable but to thrive in the face of overwhelming challenge. With Ms. Lunden's public battle against breast cancer, attacking this savage disease with all her might we had the transf...

March 14, 2016

I wish I could paint a picture of how different I was two years ago anticipating Warrior's induction into Hall of Fame and attending our first WrestleMania! I'm not even the same woman. I mean I'm still a warrior woman and I bleed warrior blood but I've grown into someone I'm not sure my husband would even recognize. I was so nervous to walk into the world my husband once inhabited wanting very much to be accepted by you Warriors. I knew you'd fall madly in love with our girls but you all mattered so much to Warrior I hoped you'd think me a worthy choice. Your approval was like a family at first Christmas and WrestleMania was that proving ground.


WrestleMania weekend was heaven for us all. The girls and I were so proud of Warrior and felt energized by all of you. It was electric how you welcomed him home and weather you were in NOLA or watching from home he Felt Your Power intensely. These past two years as this time has rolled back around I've felt a great deal of anticipation and joy...

January 5, 2016

On my birthday Indy gave me this fortune as a gift. I had been getting my hair and makeup done so they ran to this awesome Chinese restaurant Warrior always loved and came back with it in hand. We all cried. I had planned my birthday dinner as this start to a new chapter and the fortune felt like a true acknowledgement that we could look forward to the next season being less heavy and get on with the assignments we've each been  given in this lifetime.


There's a lot to do in 2016. A lot of projects to get started and a lot of irons to put in the fire. My number one priority will always be moving Warrior's legacy forward and keeping it's gold standard preserved for his girls and all of you. I know him being home in the WWE was his final comfort and I can tell you they are dedicated to helping us Warriors bring his passion and vibrancy to future generations. Whatever strife came before was settled that epic weekend and since his death there has been nobody more surely at my back than eve...

September 28, 2015

Warriors, I'm tougher than I look. I appreciate so many of you calling me sweet and with people I love I genuinely am...but you cross my family, friends, loved ones (that includes you Warriors) and watch out....(hit warrior music) I'll find you and in my way, make you pay.

I could hear some of your wheels turning in those Warrior brains of yours...can Betty Crocker, Dana Warrior,  really put on the metaphorical paint and move us forward? The answer....


um, yes I can


...and don't call me Betty Crocker...I'm a tough cookie and I bake from scratch.

Here's the thing. I'm a kind person but I'm anything but vanilla. Think rainbow sherbet with sprinkles and gummy worms wound throughout!  My husband chose me for a reason and one of them was I could hold my own. I held my my own while he was alive and I've held it since he died. I'm currently writing a book describing what the first year and a half alone is like, and friends...you better be a damn warrior to face widowhood. The cruelty and pr...

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