Warrior Workout Start Kit! Available now

Every single day someone writes and asks me “how” to get in shape and live a healthy life.

Frankly, “how” is easy. A “fitness trainer” search on Google digs up 2,680,000 links. “Fitness training” pulls up 34,600,000 links. “Exercise advice” pulls up 23,000,000 links. All these same searches at Amazon bring up over 20,000 books and DVD products. Google “exercise science” and 33,100,000 links pop up.

That’s a whole hell of a lot of “how.”

What’s missing? The same thing that is always missing. The unvarnished truth and people’s unwillingness to accept it.

My Warrior Workout START Kit is the truth. The kind you sometimes are not in the mood to hear, let alone accept. But it may just be the very thing that angers you enough to finally inspire you to get up and get your health and fitness act together once and for all — for good.

If you want to better the quality of your life, START with bettering the great piece of art you already own — YOUR Body. Exercise WILL do this. I promise. If you are ready… START now…

After receiving your START Kit, it’s time to begin.

Together, you and I will reach your fitness goals – now and forever.

NOW, you’re ready!

In each Limited Edition START Kit, you will receive:

A 75 minute “Warrior Workout” limited edition CD offering you the motivation and inspiration that Warrior is renowned for, all the while he lets YOU in on his personal Warrior Workout Secrets.

Limited Edition “Warrior Weapon” Art Card 

Warrior’s Blunt, NO BS Diet Essay and a Sample Diet

Warrior Workout Foundation Essay


Limited Edition Kit - Prices listed include shipping & handling worldwide.


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