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Warriors Evolve...

I think for many years I've known who I was at my core. I've known what I value and what my values are. I've known myself as a daughter, a student, a dreamer, a writer, a wife, a mother, a woman and yet...

And yet.

I did not really know Dana.

I'm a work in progress.

I'm still growing into myself.

That is true for you too. No matter your chronological age you are still growing into the person you will ultimately be. When we are young and look at our caregivers they seem to have all the answers pocketed. They look to us like they have all their problems solved. With this simple ignorance we call them "grown ups". Now I realize those people we looked up to with such seeming wisdom were just further down the dusty path and often saddled with responsibility and regret of which we didn't even know the story. As warrior travelers we can luckily wipe the dust from our faces and brush on the war paint for life. As Warriors we can file experiences without suffocating regret and choose to evolve.

There's such debate in schools about teaching creation and evolution. I believe in both. I believe in the evolution of the human spirit that takes us leaps and bounds by generations. I believe in the strength of every day people who change the trajectory of thinking and life. I think of our founding fathers, of abolitionists, of women like Rosa Parks, of brave men and women willing to enlist at young ages to serve a cause greater than themselves and sometimes die for causes we have to wonder why we are involved in at all. Our thinking and reasoning minds are ever evolving and something we thought in our young minds is seen through an elevated lens when we grow into a new way of seeing the world. There is not a cut off date or an age for this growth and evolution. If we are true Warriors we will grow in our minds and spirits until the day we die.

I believe evolution is revolution. I believe stretching toward something out of reach is powerful indeed. I believe with intention and hard work we are on the cusp of growing into our best selves...Always!


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