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Warriors Make Ultimate Valentines...

Someone once said, “Happy made up holiday.”, to me as a Valentine greeting. LOL...what? I recalled this to Mattigan as our fingers were ten inches deep in hot glue, paper, and lace and she laughed that I’d ever let the comment fly...”aren’t all holidays, ‘made up’?”, she countered. Indeed they are, and I could positively kiss the maker uppers for their creation! Holidays punctuate the calendar and give small moments to breathe into simple, pure, innocent delights. Soooooo....Before the grumbling begins over Valentine’s Day it (the grumbling that is)...and get creative rather than taken. There’s nothing worse than a cheapie who also lacks creativity and thought. We Warriors have always handmade cards for exchange and written notes of love. Anyone worth your heart cares more about thoughtfulness in gesture than any amount of flash. It’s only Monday as I write...Valentine’s Day is this Thursday,...boys, I’m doing you a solid here...implement one of my favorite top five ideas or plan one all your OWN. Warrior Up to make this ‘made up holiday’ great! I promise you’ll thank really, really will ;) 5) get your tail to a hobby shop and choose colorful paper, stickers, ribbons, lace, and a theme. You’ll need scissors, glue sticks, and my favorite weapon in the world... a hot glue gun. Cut those pretty papers into (imperfect) hearts, then stack and glue. Edge the hearts with lace, write words all your OWN, or lofty one’s from grand poets. Clearly write the name of the recipient in your scrawl. I think the sweetest thing I’m called is my name when spoken from the right mouth. 4) if you aren’t great with words... borrow some from the greats! One of my favorite romantic movie scenes is in Sex in the City. Mr. Big can’t find words big enough to win Carrie back and so he endeavors to woo her with literary heavyweights. My favorite poet of the moment is ee cummimgs, “i carry your heart with me...i carry it in my heart...”, makes me swoooooooooon. Google love sonnets and poetry. Credit the author but take ALL the credit for the sweet gesture and love. 3) make a Valentine DATE! It is Monday...ASK NOW...(if you haven’t already)! Guys, if you like her, ask her...don’t do what this idiot did to me by trying to gauge if I’d follow along with the “made up holiday” garbage. Cheap. Cheap. Cheap. Read the rest of this article, then call the object of your affection! Make sure you lock down a date and she knows you are in planning mode. Don’t say, “what do you want to do?” say, “I want to see you on Valentine’s Day, May I?”. Then plan something, anything, that shows real, sweet effort. 2) ladies, I’m not letting you off the hook. Be freaking sweet to your valentine. One thing I notice is women want men to divine what they want...don’t expect a mind reader... expect a man. You teach a person how to treat you so if it is a newer relationship be light and not overly expectant but DO have expectations. Don’t think men don’t like the thoughtful stuff too. If you are married you gotta exert some effort... if you want a sweet card you might have to hint...bring home extra supplies from the hobby shop and let him know there’s extra. It’s ok to tell someone what would make you feel valued but give notice; do it ahead of time. Sometimes a heads up AHEAD of the event is more productive than feeling let down and angry after. I love men, TRULY, I do..but in some ways they will forever remain boys who need to be reminded what the girl in you wants. I find it charming that men take assignments so well!!! Don’t waste your life being stubborn; ask for what it is you want. Good men like to know what will make the person they love happy. Being happy with a person isn’t a 50/50 split. The secret to lasting love is both parties bringing 100% of their best selves to the equation! 1) love isn’t only romantic so if you’re on your own don’t pout. I love so many people and things that are not romantically linked. I have posted Valentine’s Day cards for a wide variety of friends because it feels GOOD to receive love in the mail. I don’t want anyone to feel like Charlie Brown on valentines so I put effort into people I love and who in return love me too. Don’t get all depressed if you’ve not met Mr. or Ms. Right on this February 14th! Give love to your friends, family, children, and fur babies. Spread sunshine at a fire station or homeless shelter. Bring a neighbor something pretty or a small business gratitude in a note. Be the love you wish to receive and be grateful you have the heart to give it!!! When I was a little girl we went to church. I loved exactly three things about going to Redeemer Lutheran: wearing my white lacy sox, red punch with sugar cookies, and the rich sound of towering adults singing in the pews. As small as I was I remember feeling something bigger during a particular hymn. As the sequoia forest of grown-ups sang, “let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me...let there be peace on Earth, the peace that was meant to be...”. I stood beneath these giants with a wonderful thought..I marveled, small as I was, something as enormous as world peace could begin with me. This recollection came to me as a whispered memory from parts unknown as I contemplated my Valentine’s Day approach, Warrior Tribe. I understand we all get jaded and lose heart. I’m no different from every reader honoring me with eyes on my words. I face disappointment and heartache, challenge and strife; and yet as water seeks its level, I always return to an unshakable belief in the power of love. If there is to be love in an often unlovable world echo the simple hymn and place belief in the power YOU possess. Believe in your warrior leadership ability and simply say...“let it begin with me”. I believe in the power of love 365 days a year. I believe in doing for others what feels nice to receive. I believe Love Wins and True Love never dies. I believe the heart is our most fragile, yet resilient organ and requires LOVE given and received...Always! xo💝d 

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