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Mom is Another Word for Warrior...

In all my life the thing I wanted most was to be a Mom. I wanted a huuuuuugggeeee family. I wanted chaos, noise, and an abundance of laughter. Having two daughters provided me with everything I ever dreamed, snuggled in two, fuzzy, pink blankets. Indiana Marin and Mattigan Twain gave me the greatest title I wear with pride: WARRIOR MOM! To all you Warrior Women who have chosen this voyage called Motherhood, I salute you!! The job you do to provide for your children is a behemoth one. The gift you give in providing the world with decent human beings is purely miraculous. Every fever you’ve nursed, every scrape you’ve tenderly blown upon to ebb the sting is equity your babies remember... on a cellular, if not conscious level. I remember when I realized the ferocity of Motherhood. It was the first time Indy was leaving the house after coming home from the hospital for her baby shots. She was settled in her car seat, I buckled my belt, and cranking the engine had the most savage mama bear thought!! I’d not only protect Indy with my OWN life...but the damage I’d inflict on any fool who tried to hurt my cub would be nothing short of deadly. This protective tenacity has not quieted although my babies are now 16 and 18; both driving, both far taller than me, both so beautiful, inside and out, I’m sometimes left wordless with awe. No matter how big they get they’re anchored by the love of their Mom. Ask anyone on the receiving end of a “Dana Warrior Email” if wronging my kiddos is a battlefield on which it is advisable to trod. I’ll never defend my girls for wrong behavior, they’ve been raised to know actions have consequences I will gladly enforce. Still, I’ve never not listened to my daughters’ voices and when they’ve been wronged I advocate accordingly. I remember Warrior and I walking into a meeting to seek issue resolution and the principal looked a little intimidated by his size. Warrior laughed saying, “You don’t need to worry about’s the little pit bull behind me you don’t want to cross...I’m here to make sure she leaves you intact.”. That principal went paper white, lol !!! ...but it was absolutely true. Mothers fight the fights and clean the messes. Moms love their babies so much they forget once upon a time they had dreams and a name all their own. If you’ve forgotten please know: I know your name... to me it is Sister.. in choosing Motherhood you chose to be part of a sorority of women; noble, patient, resilient, kind, loving, and nurturing. Another name you carry is, “Queen”, because in the eyes of your babies there is strength worthy of the mightiest crown. Thank you Moms for your selfless devotion. Thank you for leading with quiet strength. Thank you for being the fodder of unending teenage stories and for doing enough to become exaggerated characters within the storyline of your family’s life. Thank you for slapping together parties, peanut butter, science projects (K), and bologna sandwiches with staggering aplomb! Thank you moms, for raising kids who return and reflect the love you taught them into the world at large! I believe in the ULTIMATE power of earth’s greatest Warriors...MOMS...ALWAYS!! Happy Mother’s Day xo💐d

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