A Splash of Pink "TechniColor Commentary"

May 12, 2019

In all my life the thing I wanted most was to be a Mom. I wanted a huuuuuugggeeee family. I wanted chaos, noise, and an abundance of laughter. Having two daughters provided me with everything I ever dreamed, snuggled in two, fuzzy, pink blankets. Indiana Marin and Mattigan Twain gave me the greatest title I wear with pride: WARRIOR MOM!

To all you Warrior Women who have chosen this voyage called Motherhood, I salute you!! The job you do to provide for your children is a behemoth one. The gift you give in providing the world with decent human beings is purely miraculous. Every fever you’ve nursed, every scrape you’ve tenderly blown upon to ebb the sting is equity your babies remember... on a cellular, if not conscious level.

I remember when I realized the ferocity of Motherhood. It was the first time Indy was leaving the house after coming home from the hospital for her baby shots. She was settled in her car seat, I buckled my belt, and cranking the engine had the most savage mama bear t...

March 25, 2019

Every difficulty I’ve faced has armed me for future success. There’s not one painful moment in my life, thus far lived, that wasn’t In preparation. Perhaps this is the wisdom those impart as life draws to an end? I find myself mid life, God willing, with a desire to to reflect and teach now, rather than later.

I was so very young when I met Warrior; a new college graduate from Arizona State. I had the hubris of of youth and a lust for life. I was willing to take chances and had the belief “No” was only an opening bid in life’s negotiations. I was fearless.

I was naive too.

When you run with the big boys you take big bumps. Those falls felt devastating back in the day. Today though I see hardships not as a punishment but rather an ULTIMATE education. The School of Hard Knocks is a University without collegiate colors (other than black and blue) or merch but instead a place from which one graduates powerfully prepared. Had I not stood next to Warrior through trials and litigation I’d ne...

March 11, 2019

 Won’t lie... I have a lot on my plate right now!! Wonderful changes, opportunities, and then some...Yuck! ...

Professionally, I’m on cloud nine...personally, my kids are healthy, happy, and thriving (the most important measure). The wrench was one I had not anticipated, yet must endure... I have been dealing with the dreaded upheaval of yet another move!!

I shared our departure from casa de warrior into the petite nest built for tres warrior girls. I intended to buy the home I made after an extended lease. Things, however, went sideways in truly heartbreaking ways. I had to retain an attorney and terminate my lease. Amidst the excitement of my new creative opportunities I had to make a lateral move and get myself moving!!

I believe things happen for a reason and believe further the wrongs done are always made right. I didn’t want to move but the universe had other plans sooooo...I laced up my doc martens, grabbed my hot pink duct tape, and got to boxing 📦 !

I got my ducks in a row and...

March 4, 2019

I have been a writer from earliest memory. I would sit in my apple green play room, folding paper, creating makeshift books in which to pour my thoughts. Word upon word, layered with illustrations, created unending volumes all my OWN.

I credit my Auntie Paula for my love of literature. She read aloud to me a wide array of stories. She introduced Shakespeare, from my earliest recollection. Emily Dickinson was a dear friend long before I ever boarded a school bus. I can still recite poetry from that golden, pre K era. Auntie Paula endured the cruelty of polio; ravaging her body as six months old baby. Yet, her mind was the sharpest I’ve known (as compared to my modern day muse, Ms. K, who is a warrior woman of word and a mom S is blessed to have!! ). Were my Aunt not “disabled” perhaps the fertility of her creative mind would never have impacted the trajectory of a life the way it did mine. I say “disabled” in quotes purposely; I think of her as ULTIMATELY ABLE! She unknowingly spoon-f...

February 25, 2019

There’s a joke within my circle, “Did you send an email?”... when I say yes the single word is, “Forward!!!”.

I’ll never be the biggest person. I can’t claim comparison to the Ninth Wonder of the World, Future Hall of Famer, Chyna, but I do not stand down to injustice...ever. My friend calls me her modern day Clarence Darrow, and while that’s too great an honor  I gladly boast the title, “Fearless Scrapper”.

Stove, Mother, Steve Wilton informed me I will have written 5x52 columns on UltimateWarrior.com come April.
I have never once missed a week. I believe writing is my art and purpose. Words are powerful weapons and when used correctly our ultimate influencers. My children have read everything I’ve written over the years and sometimes the emails I wrote to advocate for them. I have been gobsmacked over the number of adults shirking their basic responsibilities in stations of authority. Often my emails make my friends laugh at the simplicity of common sense laid bare. Denise says I nee...

February 18, 2019

This year started, for me, with great expectations which turned sideways faster than I could yell, “Pip!”. Energetically, it felt as though the very heavens shuffled us like a deck of human cards splayed randomly on the giant game table of life. Whether you believe in the shifts in a new year, new Moon, new era paradigm time-line; there’s no denying peeps are reporting they feel out of balance and “off.”.

Me too, Boo!!!

(My girlfriends will laugh at the #MeToo reference since there’s been a lot of mugshot representatives of the false patriarchal. These are men short on height, but bountiful of belly and ego...and these dudes (and their god complex hubris...) are going down). You say vegan...I say... V something else...let’s call the whole thing ...fraud).

Kick old habits and undeserving attachments to the curb. Never return to what broke you. Walk away, however broken you may feel; you will heal.

Steer clear of delighting in another’s difficulties.
Those entertaining gossip invite dir...

February 11, 2019

Someone once said, “Happy made up holiday.”, to me as a Valentine greeting. LOL...what? I recalled this to Mattigan as our fingers were ten inches deep in hot glue, paper, and lace and she laughed that I’d ever let the comment fly...”aren’t all holidays, ‘made up’?”, she countered. Indeed they are, and I could positively kiss the maker uppers for their creation! Holidays punctuate the calendar and give small moments to breathe into simple, pure, innocent delights.

Soooooo....Before the grumbling begins over Valentine’s Day expenses...save it (the grumbling that is)...and get creative rather than taken. There’s nothing worse than a cheapie who also lacks creativity and thought. We Warriors have always handmade cards for exchange and written notes of love. Anyone worth your heart cares more about thoughtfulness in gesture than any amount of flash.

It’s only Monday as I write...Valentine’s Day is this Thursday,...boys, I’m doing you a solid here...implement one of my favorite top five idea...

February 4, 2019

Having the legal last name Warrior must energetically invite a certain level of battle. I’d much rather live in a land of civility than ruin: a place where I do my job with integrity, treat people with respect (and that is reciprocated), and one’s word is a bond with meaning. If we held ourselves to such small requirements we could accomplish inward, peaceful, living that manifests outwardly too.

On two accounts I was forced to put my Warrior paint on against those unwilling to be accountable for their actions. These people are in for a shock since I wear Shakespeare’s adage, “Though she be but little, she is fierce”, like a cape.

You are never too small to stand against what is wrong. You are never too marginalized to hold your OWN. As a Warrior YOU never goto war alone; there’s a legion of like minded scrappers solidly watching your back.

It’s not reasonable to expect the universe to deliver impeccably if you show up sloppy. You can’t exactly manifest magic without cleaning up messes...

January 29, 2019

In my Capacity as WWE Ambassador I’ve traveled to various cities upon different terrains. Despite the diversity of this ribbon of highway our commonality and humanity is what always paves the way.

Upon the familiar desert terrain of Phoenix, Arizona I felt at home. I graduated from Arizona State University and had once dreamed of working for the Diamond Back Organization. Baseball was my love watching the Oakland A’s back in the day so when the national league brought a pro team I was thrilled. Around the time I was graduating college another force blew into town and opened a little place called Warriors Gym... The rest, as they say, is history and rather than follow a path in baseball I began my love affair with sports entertainment...oh, and the love of my life.

Arizona is where Warrior and I met and had all our firsts, including our daughter, Indiana. In retrospect, it was poetic he should pass here too; even in the same hospital where Indy was born. Warrior, an Indiana boy, always...

January 21, 2019

”Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

The words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. might be the most magnetically, energizing salve for the soul to land in our nation’s ears. His passion continues to echo through our collective soundtrack, spurring that we dig deeper and require BETTER! Dr. King’s vision is all the more salient as generation upon generation endeavor to realize his dream of absolute equality for all. Dr. King’s requirement to, “...forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline...” harkens the call of civility and a road map legacy on our way to the promised land.

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

Dr. King called to one’s best and bravest self. He demanded an outward display of dissatisfaction and damnation. “There is a time when silence becomes betrayal” is the...

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