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Warriors Traverse Every Terrain...

In my Capacity as WWE Ambassador I’ve traveled to various cities upon different terrains. Despite the diversity of this ribbon of highway our commonality and humanity is what always paves the way. Upon the familiar desert terrain of Phoenix, Arizona I felt at home. I graduated from Arizona State University and had once dreamed of working for the Diamond Back Organization. Baseball was my love watching the Oakland A’s back in the day so when the national league brought a pro team I was thrilled. Around the time I was graduating college another force blew into town and opened a little place called Warriors Gym... The rest, as they say, is history and rather than follow a path in baseball I began my love affair with sports entertainment...oh, and the love of my life. Arizona is where Warrior and I met and had all our firsts, including our daughter, Indiana. In retrospect, it was poetic he should pass here too; even in the same hospital where Indy was born. Warrior, an Indiana boy, always loved Arizona more than any other place he lived. It was his ultimate terrain. Royal Rumble Week in Phoenix once again infused me with inspiration. The people I met left unique, indelible, marks on my heart. Each has walked a different path, journeyed upon different terrain, and yet a common purpose can not be denied; the desire to uplift others. Each person, while miraculous, are simply people...same as you. They set an example that should be consciously followed to mark one’s terrain with goodness. Never believe one person’s passion cannot make a difference. A single person can make MANY differences; let that one person be you! I believe there are roads, highways, byways, and trails. I believe there are bumps and potholes as well as smooth sailing in between. I believe there’s no obstacle too big, never terrain too treacherous with belief by your side...Always! xo🏔d

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