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Warriors Mark the Days with Intention...

This year started, for me, with great expectations which turned sideways faster than I could yell, “Pip!”. Energetically, it felt as though the very heavens shuffled us like a deck of human cards splayed randomly on the giant game table of life. Whether you believe in the shifts in a new year, new Moon, new era paradigm time-line; there’s no denying peeps are reporting they feel out of balance and “off.”. Me too, Boo!!! (My girlfriends will laugh at the #MeToo reference since there’s been a lot of mugshot representatives of the false patriarchal. These are men short on height, but bountiful of belly and ego...and these dudes (and their god complex hubris...) are going down). You say vegan...I say... V something else...let’s call the whole thing ...fraud). Kick old habits and undeserving attachments to the curb. Never return to what broke you. Walk away, however broken you may feel; you will heal. Steer clear of delighting in another’s difficulties. Those entertaining gossip invite dirty feet to tread their spirit. Tell people bringing tales, #wipeyourfeet . If information isn’t directly impactful on your lane in life’s race...thunder on! There’s a literal decrease in energetic speed when a person pokes their nose into business none their OWN! Don’t hold back from anyone in need of your decency. Don’t withhold a compliment or be stingy expressing love. You never know when kind words are the warm blanket sustaining another through a cold, dark night. Be warmth; be a sunrise. You are not gonna die from panic, pain, or fear... one of my best friends saw me about to cast aside my mermaid fin and sink. She wouldn’t let that happen and sent this message, refilling my lungs, “I learned this when I took a scuba certification class: when you breathe out all of the air in your lungs, you still have 3 pints of residual oxygen left, should you drop your regulator, and have to haul ass to the surface from 50 ft under...something like that- the point is- you have plenty of residual strength, even if you think you won’t make it to the surface- YOU WILL! And your mermaid friends will swim to your aid if you can’t..🧜🏼‍♀️🧜🏾‍♀️”. What my girl was reminding me was I possess that, deep down, too stubborn to quit, “ganna”. She knows it resides in my residual cells even when I forget it’s there. This story was so illustrative for me; I share it. I also share the mantra and battle cry of “believe, breathe, and haul ass To The Top!!!”. I believe every day is the day you can turn it around! I believe nobody worthy of teaching hasn’t had to be schooled! I believe we are promised nothing but given a chance. I believe it’s in the taking of chances we mark our days with intention... and fill our lives with magic...Always!!! xo🧜🏼‍♀️d  

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