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Warriors Reflect...

Every difficulty I’ve faced has armed me for future success. There’s not one painful moment in my life, thus far lived, that wasn’t In preparation. Perhaps this is the wisdom those impart as life draws to an end? I find myself mid life, God willing, with a desire to to reflect and teach now, rather than later. I was so very young when I met Warrior; a new college graduate from Arizona State. I had the hubris of of youth and a lust for life. I was willing to take chances and had the belief “No” was only an opening bid in life’s negotiations. I was fearless. I was naive too. When you run with the big boys you take big bumps. Those falls felt devastating back in the day. Today though I see hardships not as a punishment but rather an ULTIMATE education. The School of Hard Knocks is a University without collegiate colors (other than black and blue) or merch but instead a place from which one graduates powerfully prepared. Had I not stood next to Warrior through trials and litigation I’d never have been exposed to some of the greatest legal minds. I earned a laymen’s understanding of law from opposing counsel. I cut my teeth with the best and learned to hold my own. Had I not been subject to the frightening unknown way back when I’d have been ill prepared for Warrior’s death. These skills served me again in recent issues vs. a slum landlord. The scariest thing I faced as a young woman empowered me years later. When we reflect on challenges we see the Universe’s benevolence placing them in our path. Losing Warrior was a body blow, but I see now the edge of a bigger plan. Accepting my position, unexpectedly offered, was divine timing delivered in right time. I get to advocate for women’s voices among the most talented, funny, witty, articulate group of men. I found my soulmate writing partner, two time Emmy Award winning (and once again nominated) Jennifer Pepperman. Watching the process of a modern day Walt Disney is a privilege too large to aptly describe. None of this would have been possible had I not believed myself a writer since third grade, studied English Literature in college, kept myself creative through the hardest times of my life, and championed words as “the way”. This week Warriors, Reflect. Take inventory of every obstacle you’ve overcome and how it prepared you for next level life. If you are mired in a time of sadness, anger, loss, sickness, depression...hold on!!! Believe this time will serve your soul’s mission in potent, meaningful ways. Trust in the benevolent source above and know you’ll never be given more than you can handle; although you might reach the razor’s edge. I reached that edge recently, Warriors. When I learned there was undisclosed black mold in my home and bullied by a landlord I felt my last reserve drain. The cruelty and arrogance of said slumlord forced me into hiring counsel. Thankfully, I had said counsel when he further pushed as I was trying to vacate the unhealthy home. He unlawfully appeared at my door, tried to physically intimidate me, towered over me angrily declaring, “call the cops” as his cowardly wife watched without rebuke. I told him I’d do better and phoned my attorney. I’ll be in court with this man and his mealy mouthed wife and I’ll be prepared. Way back, when I wished it away, the Universe was training me at life’s elite law school. Funny how the scariest thing I endured in my twenties flawlessly prepared me for jokers at this phase of my life. I’ll let karma account for a woman who allows any man to physically instill fear in one of her own. I give thanks for every difficulty ever encountered; I’ve learned invaluable lessons from each. In having an abusive father I learned to choose a prince to be my girls’ dad. In being bullied as a teen I learned to advocate for others with marginalized voices. In seeking wellness from an eating disorder I understood the myriad of issues faced when an unhealthy relationship with food is fostered. In losing babies I fully grasped the sacred gift of motherhood. In the loss of Warrior I learned the necessity of perseverance through the turbulence of a dark, roaring sea. In choosing joy I led my daughters from a black abyss into light. In reaching out to give when I believed I had no reserves I learned to be replenished. These are the things upon which I reflect.. for each I give ULTIMATE thanks. I believe it is the job of a Warrior to reflect... Always. xo🎇d

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