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Warriors know a wish is just a string of words...

Warriors know a wish is just a string of words...belief is the living catalyst. To ALWAYS BELIEVE is to adopt the Warrior's creed and accept the ULTIMATE challenge. My husband was a hero and a mentor to me like he was to you. I understand his impact. His philosophy is a living and breathing part of all of our lives and our charge is to carry it forward. His greatest wish would have been that we built on his foundation to spread his message so generations to come could live inspired by we, the storytellers. We cannot let the Warrior Philosophy be forgotten. It is a living organism but requires our breath to not only survive but thrive. My husband might have been a great wrestler but he was so much more than that as a man. We have a responsibility to honor him by teaching what it was he taught us. I take very little notice of critics but I think it is always positive to offer those same critics a reasonable explanation they might absorb as information. The idea that my husband is dead and so I should let him be buried is a sad premise to me and something Warrior would have abhorred. It would have been like tearing down Disneyland after Walt died! It would have been like saying let's not do Disney World, let's not release one more movie, let's stop creating for and honoring the legend who inspired us when he still walked amongst us... I call bullshit on that one (sorry but I have passion on this). Warrior would never forgive me if I abandoned what he fought so hard to build. He called on all of us warriors to be the storytellers and the writers of our OWN destinies! I want all of us to infuse our little worlds with his intensity, integrity and indomitable spirit! Together we can change the trajectory of humanity with our positive message infused with our ultimate individual thumbprint. The Greeks did not write obituaries when a man died but instead asked a single question. They asked, did he live with passion. My husband lived with more passion than I've ever known. He charges each of us to equal and surpass his passion so that our lives will have an equal or greater impact on the world around us. He was so generous in his faith of us warriors. There was not one of us he did not think could out WARRIOR him. That is a man with true belief. I will continue to believe in his vision and move it forward...I will stand up and face any challenge to spearhead his movement... I will lean on you Warriors, like he did....ALWAYS!! xo Dana

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