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Warriors Level Up...

Isn’t it strange no matter how many birthdays we gather there’s still a little kid inside requiring advocacy and protection? There remains that little girl or boy who can be unexpectedly hurt and never even see it coming. I experienced this recently but with the help of a magical “readjuster” I turned grain to gold, salt to sugar, and a calculated insult into gummy bears for my little girl within. I was taken aback by the entire circumstance and being a person who prides herself on the value of keeping one’s word I quickly received the information as a blank tableaux. I didn’t clarify the big picture painting or put into context one clumsy brushstroke which was nothing more than an impotent fishing expedition and gossip. By harnessing my reaction, even though hurt, I held space for my integrity in a way the wee fisherman can never claim. Warriors, I leveled up. Keeping our integrity in the way we walk through life is perhaps the most important mantle to carry. We do not authentically bare labels others place upon us from their smallest selves. It’s important to remember we are the guardians of our timelines and must seal them against negativity or reformat and reintegrate them to benefit our highest needs. My magic maker pal, Marcella, was hearing me out over the insult and asked how I would advise my girls were they to have been referred to as “strange”...I legit laughed out loud and answered, “I’d tell them thank f*^#ing god you’re ‘strange’! Being strange is what sets you apart! Being strange makes you special; it stokes your passion and your art!!! Being ‘strange’ will deliver’ll be your saving grace!”. Excitedly I redefined, in my OWN lexicon, the word “strange”. I took back its power. Isn’t it strange how a shift in perspective can do such a thing? I now love the word ‘strange’! I actually commissioned a necklace to remind me to stand up for my wholeness with that single word. Trying to devalue a person or cast them as “other” to cover inadequacies is a mirror reflected as well as a quick trip on the karma express!! Are we entitled to an opinion? Of course! Sure! Are we entitled to every mean, cruel, hurtful thought ever, guess you are...have at it! Pause to realize though, entitlement extends to every boomeranging, blow back that comes from choosing to be sneaky, deceptive, or unkind in action and/or word. Not one of us is perfect but every one of us can be better. I look at any “misfortune” I have as either a lesson or a karmic debt now contentedly paid. I own my boomerangs. At this phase of life, though, I try to be mindful not to throw them into the universe. Those babies carelessly hucked come back triple speed and really do a number leveling your ass, amigos!!! Be the recipient of love consciously given rather than the claim check holder of low vibing space trash! Level Up!!! You are in the driver’s seat on this cosmic speedway called “life”. Whatever you’ve done or haven’t thus far is only a single measure!!!...if you’re still suckin’ breath you can make all adjustments desired on this wonderful, wild ride!! Warriors, we have a mission! On your journey, welcome, completely, the weirdness that is the essence of YOU! Recognize the most interesting amongst us hail from the far reaches of parts unknown and the island of misfit toys! Realize what makes you different is what will make you a beacon to so many in need of your example and instruction! Hold your OWN strange, freaking space on the planet, Warriors! Shine your light! Never dim or retract to please detractors. By their very nature critics can never find true pleasure, contentment, or more precisely, the stillness of authentic peace. Level up, light Warriors: be brave enough to shine. Get in the ring of life, bounce off the ropes and know: there is perfection in the mess, strength in the examination of what feels weak. Shaking the ropes isn’t about comparison, criticism, folly or shame. Ultimate strength lies in honorably showing up on this planet, grabbing hold despite deep seated fear, and shaking those tension filled ropes at all!! I believe in the magnificence of your singular strangeness and strength. I believe in your ultimate luminosity and your ability to hold on and shake like hell... Always!!! xo🎇d  

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