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Warriors Sweep Away the Past to Jumpstart 2019...

Each morning you wake is a new start. Every month, with the calendar turn, marks a new beginning. Still, there’s something about entering a brand new year that shakes us up like an old school etch-a-sketch. A fresh twelve months cleans the scribbles of yesteryear into a satisfyingly smooth, unblemished, ice rink! Grab a stick and start skating, Warriors; but first pause and do a little clean up. Some prep in this first month will prove a foundational investment for the following eleven. Number one, if your Christmas tree is still up, take it down! There’s nothing more claustrophobic than holiday decorations past new year’s day! You put it up, you take it down! Take the time to put everything away with intention, honor, and care. I always untangle every string of lights and carefully tissue wrap my ornaments. I wash the linens, iron if needed, and store in a fresh, sealed container. In this way I give my future self the gift of unwrapping a clean holiday season when it visits again. Scrub your environment!! Clean your house, your workspace, your car, your drawers, your cabinets, your utility room, your garage. Change batteries in smoke detectors and spent light bulbs. Change the sheets; wash the bedding. Remove any clutter that clogs the arteries of your home. Open every window, even in the winter, and smudge stagnant energy from the place in which you dwell with cedar, sweetgrass, palo santo, lavender, and/or sage. Lovingly donate clean clothing items, linens, books, unused *desirable* canned food, clean blankets, shoes, dishes, etc. to homeless shelters and safe havens for abuse victims. After the holidays these honorable organizations see a steep decline in donations. If you haven’t used it, worn it, touched it, in 12 months; pass it along! Author and artist, Marcella Kroll, gave me advice in the new year I’m passing on, my warrior tribe. Before the first month of 2019 expires take a good look back at 2018 and pat yourself on the back for every achievement! Ms. Kroll told me I didn’t really see how far I’d come and all I’d accomplished. She asked that I sit with pen and paper and list the months January to December of 2018 then beside them write an inventory of occurrences. I was thunderstruck by my list of stated goals achieved! I set out in 2018 with a list of ideas and I’ll be damned if I didn’t see them come to be without pausing at their birth!! Go back with a calendar and see your snapshot of achievement. No triumph is too small. Even if it was simply the struggle to hang on until the new year!! Now is the era of manifesting THIS year’s agenda. Pain, heartbreak, anger, resentment had its time back “then”. Let go of any idea you were “owed” something. You’re owed nothing. Nobody kept you from being better than you find yourself today. We hide behind the idea we could have made a bigger splash were it not for the cast of another’s shadow. Hogwash. Grow up...stop playing victim ...reclaim a voice and get excited! You’ve arrived in 2019, leave the old stuff’s just so 2018, anyway ;). You have within you the resources to seek success. I know it is scary; I’m alone and I forge on year after year. People in your life are ever changing. Marcella said, ...”your physical life does not depend on any single person who decides to stay or go.”. There’s so many things we can NEVER control, the one constant is the integrity with which we navigate this plane. I’ve chosen never to give up on myself and you must CHOOSE to Be THAT ally for YOUR OWN SELF too! You are smart enough!! Period!!! I cannot tell you how much I enjoy being underestimated as “fluff”. It doesn’t even insult me anymore; I use it to my advantage. It matters not the level of education you've reached; if you’re reading this, you’re tuned’re a critically, empathetic, thinking soul! Not all people who proclaim themselves “smart” are bright. There IS, in fact, a difference. I don’t care your IQ if you possess the interpersonal skill set of a fruit fly. I’ve met plenty of people playing that “smartest guy/gal in the room” schtick. I’m college educated, proud of my degree, but I never feel superior OR inferior to anyone with more or less “education”. True Intelligence is more than a head’s humility, humanity, and ultimately, heart. Never forget YOU ARE AN INTELLIGENT human being because you seek information and inspiration from sources outside the spoon fed box!! Write on your list of achievements, “not only am I smart, I’m freaking bright!”. Then get on it and GLOW, glitterbug! Warriors, get busy tidying up and tying the loose ends that tether you to anything old! Use this first month to organize your mind and physical space to promote success! Rid yourself of resentments and attachments that do not serve your place in the year to come. Move away from arrangements, agreements, habits of old and greet the next era with a feeling of empowered levity! I believe it is time to remove all old energy keeping you from your purpose! I believe it is time to say goodbye to outmoded, outdated, low vibing, nonsense. I believe now is the moment to take charge and take action! I believe you’re better than’re 2019 2.0!...I believe you’re all set to travel, without all the baggage, since destiny awaits...Always!!! xo🧹d 

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