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Warriors Manifest as Ultimate Magicians...

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in Magic will never find it.” -Roald Dahl, The Minpins With the New Year upon us there’s a sense of rebirth and hope. I’m here to tell you this is the time to believe in your biggest dreams and manifest your heart’s desire! There’s no time like now to take inventory of bucket list dreams and lofty aspirations! There isn’t a moment more ripe than NOW to recognize you are your OWN life’s magician! With singular focus, intention, hard work, and belief in the next 365 days you can greet your reflection in the mirror each day and confidently say, “Hello, Magic Maker!” Perhaps it feels audacious to hope you posses the power of manifestation. That’s your smallest self trapped in a world devoid of unabashed belief. If I let my faith be dictated by my station in life or small stature I’d never have proclaimed myself a writer with words as my magic wand. I am a writer. I make a living at my art. My canvas is the medium words strewn across it. I have proudly declared, “I’m a writer”, since winning a gold foil sticker at a book faire in third grade. Hoover Elementary School was my entry into authorship where I boldly submitted a story and won first prize. I’m sought for my writing and my work. I’m proud of the example I set for my daughters; both on the magical path of manifesting their unapologetic, audacious, artistic dreams! My path is not easy; it is littered with non believers attempting to deride what I set forth to do. I receive plenty of misogynistic comments asking my skill set, dismissing writing as a skill at all. I laugh in the face of this outdated, outmoded, patriarchy. These “critics” probably watch shows employing writers; many of whom are women (note I didn’t say “read books”; I have zero faith those blind with misogyny posting nasty comments immerse themselves in literature...but, I digress ;)!! Alas!!!!...Never be derailed by critics! Anyone with the time to marinate in criticism is too cowardly, bitter, or lazy to manifest creation all their OWN! You need never “defend” your magic but rather must be its greatest believer and proudest advocate! I believe in my brand of abracadabra! I believe writers create a multitude of magical universes. Writers are the truth seekers and truth tellers; they are story keepers. The best writers are magical historians and noble Warriors. As such, writers post both small and lofty words in private notes, as well as public articles, books, and blogs, knowing their readers are tribe members hungering to feast. Manifesting your OWN dreams requires unwavering belief and advocacy for their import! Past disappointments or even full blown devastations are not reason enough to abandon the pursuit of your magical dreams! There’s vulnerability in allowing one’s self to break and bravery in becoming “rebuilt”. For those clawing back from the depths of despair take heart...magic still resides in YOU!! You may wonder if you’ll ever be ok, ?better than ok?; whole? I’m here to tell you, within this end is an entirely new will be alright. Join the magician survivors awaiting in the realm of “ok”, then move beyond! There’s nothing I find more exciting than a fresh, clean slate. Leave pedestrian thinking to your past self and evoke that mystical belief that moves audacious dreamers forth! Open your mind to new thought forms, open your heart to new love. Open your year to new possibilities; open your future to untold adventure! Open a bottle of bubbly, optimistic, belief and pour an overflowing glass of FUN!!! IT IS A NEW YEAR: Set out to Sparkle!!! I believe in unseen forces that when harnessed usher in triumph. I believe in intention, will, and the manifestation of every dream. I believe in divine timing, cleared game boards and a clean slate. I believe in you, and your ULTIMATE destiny, as a warrior magician...ALWAYS! Glitter, Shimmer& Shine into 2019!!! Muuuuuuuaaaaaaaahhhh x♥️x💎x🎩, d ✨ 

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