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Warriors Go Back to What is Good....

I love advent calendars. The thrill of a little gift each morning for the days of December leading up to Christmas. I think Chanukah is beautiful too with the days of celebration, the lighting of candles and those gifts exchanged over the eight nights of the holiday. I have been mindful of the challenge I issued us Warriors this holiday season and I have been mindful to sprinkle a little magic in other people's lives so I didn't obsess over what I miss most this time of complete family.

I had a great opportunity oddly at the nail salon the other day. Probably one of the things I enjoy most is to get my nails pretty. Warrior knew this and for one birthday he actually went to the nail salon and asked if he could pay for the year in advance for me to get them done since I would hardly ever treat myself to it if he didn't. Since I lost him anytime I need to breathe a little I will make an appointment. As I sat in the chair awaiting my appointment a woman walked in with her elderly mother. Her mom was obviously suffering from some form of dementia and while her daughter was patient with her you could tell she was tired. An emotionally tired person can recognize it in another person and bless her heart she was beat. Her mother was requesting a color, checking the wait time and asking her daughter if she was going to leave her on a loop. The daughter was patiently giving the same answers but I could see how trying it was to be in this care taking role was probably a heavy and sad responsibility. While they sat and waited a very spirited woman walked in and wanted to be seen right away. She was pushing her way to the front of the line and constantly asking when she would be seated for her service. Sometimes the squeaky wheel gets the attention first but this damn squeaky wheel did not know there was a Warrior Woman watching her entitled ass so when she was about to be seen ahead of this elderly woman I stepped friends will laugh when they read that line because although you warriors are getting to know me you have yet to see when I step up entirely (LOL). My husband was a beast but he always called me the one with whom you should not trifle. I get very quiet and very calm, I might even smile but you can be sure action is about to ensue. Needless to say nobody sat themselves at a station before our dear elderly friend. As she passed I said to her daughter with a catch in my throat, "I have two daughters myself and I pray they are as kind and good a daughter as you. I see you. I witnessed your goodness". She was so shocked and smiled so warmly and thanked me with such sincerity. Sometimes all we warriors need is to be seen. What happened next was the real gift. The daughter's energy seemed to return. She stopped merely being polite and began to laugh and engage with her mother. She said, "Mom you mentioned you wanted a brighter color let's find it..." When her mom asked are you going to leave me she replied, "no, I'll sit right here" and propped her laptop on her knees on the station designed for a child and laughed with her Mom that she was in a naughty chair. When the nail tech told her mother gel polish would last better the elderly woman queried her daughter if she had enough money for the upgrade and her daughter enthusiastically told her she deserved it. When another woman asked the daughter if she'd like a manicure too and she replied she just couldn't today I saw my opportunity to give a gift to a warrior angel. When my appointment was over I bought her a gift certificate and before I left I handed it to her with a small note in pink sharpie. I told her I'd be honored to treat her to a manicure when time did allow. She grabbed me and hugged me and I simply walked out. I meant it when I said the best part of a gift is giving it.

We all see Warriors among us who make life better for someone else. Whether it is in your family or better yet a stranger witness it before the holiday season wraps. Go back to what is good will sustain us.

I believe in many, many things. I believe candy canes are required eating the day after thanksgiving, I believe in downtown Christmas tree lightings and stockings hung with care....And thankfully no matter the bumps, bruises, and scraped knees I still believe in Santa.... Always xo 🎅🏻💚 Dana

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