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Warriors, draw upon your power for Bret Hart

Warriors, Once again I will ask to draw upon your power in believing for the full recovery of our friend, Bret Hart. He announced recently he is in the fight of his life against prostate cancer. Didn't cancer get the memo it doesn't stand a chance against this indomitable force? He wasn't called The Hitman for nothing.

Bret and I actually forged a friendship after we lost Warrior. He understands great loss more than most and he was a quiet strength of enormous understanding. After my Hall of Fame speech Bret gave me the words I needed so much. He hugged me held me away from him, looked me in the eyes and said, "He would be so proud of you!". That was all I wanted. His beautiful wife, Steph hugged me just as enthusiastically. I'm so glad he has her as a partner in navigating this battle.

My husband and Bret might have verbally sparred but they both loved Owen and respected one another in the way people in a family can. I remember something being written online that my husband laughed off to me saying, "Bret is a good guy, just gets really worked up sometimes...". I looked at him, rolled my eyes and said, "Oh ya, you wouldn't know anything about that would you...".

Here's the thing about this business I did not always know. These guys are brothers. When one of them is in trouble they rally. I don't remember much about the first days after Warrior died but I do remember that cow, Nancy Grace, going on her show maligning my husband hours after he died. I remember too the response by the boys. I have never met The Iron Sheik but he called Warrior his brother and summed up Ms. Grace in pretty colorful language that frankly left an impression on a devastated widow. I don't know if Iron Sheik and Warrior were particularly close but he illustrated how these guys circle the wagons when things go down.

The girls and I will be praying for somebody who has been a real friend to us in a tough time. Our power multiplies exponentially when you Warriors join us. Please do as we believe in full recovery for our family member Bret Hart... Always. xo Dana

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