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Joan Lunden to receive 2016 Warrior Award at 2016 WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.

I could not be more thrilled with the honor I have been given to induct Joan Lunden into this year's class at Hall of Fame. Ms. Lunden's spunk, wit, and verve along with her fight like a Warrior attack makes her the quintessential Warrior Woman and the ULTIMATE choice as the second Warrior Award recipient. After last year's induction of Connor I wondered how we could ever match the level of deservedness. Connor and his father Steve embody all that this award was meant to capture so I am delighted WWE made the choice of Joan Lunden. Ms. Lunden is a Warrior in her own right and an inspiration to us all. Joan Lunden waged war on this disease telling Robin Roberts she went into "Warrior Mode" when she learned of the battle she was facing. It is the mark of a true Warrior to not merely survive the unthinkable but to thrive in the face of overwhelming challenge. With Ms. Lunden's public battle against breast cancer, attacking this savage disease with all her might we had the transformative ability to see her fierce determination to live and her brave revelation of her battle wounds. To see this proud Warrior Woman on the cover of People magazine with her bald head was to me an "Always Believe" battle cry. I eagerly await the honor I've been given to induct Joan Lunden into the 2016 Hall of Fame class as The Warrior Award recipient. I am delighted to celebrate the fact in the face of death she fought like a true Warrior Woman for her life and did not merely survive, but thrived. That is the indomitable spirit The Warrior Award is meant to recognize and I am truly humbled to stand next to a woman so fiercely deserving.

Dana Warrior

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