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Walking in Warrior's shoes...

When Warrior was inducted into the 2014 Hall of Fame Class he wanted the girls and me to feel special. He came shopping for dresses with me and loved the white one I wore but said the slit needed to be higher (lol). I could not find shoes I liked to go with it but one afternoon I found a box on the kitchen counter. Inside was this pair of sparkly Betsey Johnson shoes with baby blue soles. I told him I felt like Cinderella in them. I did.

When it was time for last year's Warrior Award I had trouble wanting to go shopping for a dress without him. When I did the sweetest woman said please try on this dress for was the one I bought and wore to help induct Connor. I put it on with his beautiful shoes and decided I would wear his shoes always.

Hall of Fame is around the corner and his spirit is strong and alive in me, his Warrior Girls, and all of you. I am proud to say this year again...I will walk in his shoes.

I believe in the running this ultimate man did and the gifts he left to each of us warriors... Always! 💗xo, Dana

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