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Warriors Rock Independence...

When I think about the founding of this country and our Declaration of Independence only one word for our founding fathers comes to mind...that's ULTIMATE.

It was a mindblowingly brave thing for a group of men and women to break from the crown with a vision of America. My husband was so inspired by our founding documents and in awe of those willing to risk their comfortable lives, riches and possibly life for the American Dream. Throughout history we have the chance to see men and women who made a stand against wrong, inequality, and fight for freedom. We still see these freedom fighters today. We see this drive in those who stand against evil and wrong in big and small ways daily. These are our brothers and sisters... These are independent warriors.

I have a very independent spirit. More so after losing Warrior. Sometimes I wonder if he would choose me again if he met me now. My eyes never fail to get misty when one of you writes he would be proud of me for the way I've kept HIS legacy alive. He was our founding father of intensity and stood strong against adversaries his entire life. I'm like that now. I'm afraid of nothing except for not doing what needs to be done. I'm afraid only of not rising to the level of his "warriorness". That whispering fear does not paralyze me propels me. The expectations he set forth in the founding of his warrior nation makes me strong and emboldened (and maybe a little sassy). The weight of his belief makes me grab the arrows slung in my direction as ammunition for my OWN bow. The life we shared prepared me to be an independent warrior. The greatest part of my independence is a single thing...

There is no one to tell me no.

Today pause for a moment amidst the pomp and parade to remember what independence means to you. No matter how meshed with others you may be, never forget your independent warrior spirit that always longs to scream YES!!!

I believe we are the founders of our OWN life. I believe we are responsible for writing our documents and fighting for our rights. I believe the warrior spirit demands independence...Always!


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