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Warriors know hard times put the shine on a diamond....

I love flattery. I do. I'm like a magpie with shiny objects when someone says something lovely and kind. I'm the same way with good times! I love to have fun and know myself to be the girl you want at your party since I'm quick to laugh...even at my own expense and I love to be in the middle of anything on the upswing but I've learned the absolute most at my lowest moments. I learned how to be a true warrior when my life fell out from beneath me. I learned to judge who I am when my face is flat on the floor and I choose to rise regardless.

None of us enjoy the rough times. None of us like bad days and friction. Nobody is delighted to make a mistake or lose ground or hit a concrete road block going 120 MPH. Like it or not we are required to meet these challenges with a "feel the power" mindset.

It is at the worst times I have become my best so as I face some pretty tough decisions ahead I know I have the potential to grow.

When you are up against an obstacle Warriors, I encourage you to see it as climbing toward promotion. On the other side of anything ferocious is the wiser, better equipped, more enlightened YOU. Nothing worth having comes easy so when there is struggle there remains enduring reward. Where there is the chance of great loss there is woven into the fabric a much bigger win!

I was told by someone very dear recently that I make things look easy so people do not offer me help. This made me laugh. Hard. Nothing in my life has been easy for nearly two and a half years. I am glad though even with hardship my energy does not convey a tired spirit or haggard soul. Every time I face disappointment I process quickly then rebound higher. I choose to reroute always. I think of obstacles as a chance to change direction and just as Siri will find the next fastest trail to your ultimate destination I imagine myself in a similar rerouting. Hard times are not within my power to avoid but the way I conduct myself and guard my attitude most certainly is. I am the keeper of my treasures and it is my job to make them shine no matter the light cast upon them.

If you are battling today KEEP FIGHTING! Whatever foe you face is preparing you for next level excellence.There is not a challenge you are unprepared for in the now and in today's fight you are equipping yourself far down the line.

While I admit I love the kind words of those I trust and easy breezy good days it has been the hard days that steel my spine. The challenges formed the warrior woman I needed to be for my girls. This is true for each of you too. Diamonds are strongest because of the pressure they endured and most beautiful because their creation was anything but easy. Warriors are made the same way. Ours is not an easy path but the only one our "never say die" spirit can follow. We require the soot and 'knock the wind out of you' lessons to shine up our greatness. What would we be without our epic lesson learning journeys? Really?

I can tell you but I'll whisper it...come's a word I don't like to say too loudly since to me it is a curse...

Without the battles and trials and tribulations and unending trek we could not be called WARRIORS!!

We would simply be <gulp> normal...and we Warriors will have NONE of that.

I believe in the pressure a diamond endures to be created from something as black as coal. I believe it is indeed the hard times that make us sparkle and shine and love life....Always!


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