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Warriors Always Lace Up Their Boots...

I was recently visiting wonderful family friends and sadly it came time to leave. I'd set my favorite boots outside the door to slip into before taking off for the airport. It was an early morning flight so I'd left kisses on the sleepy heads of my youngest friends, padded down the stairs, and stepped onto the front porch to slip into my boots. As I turned to wave a final time to our gracious hosts my unicorn friend appeared for one last hug which set tears in my eyes. I laughed and squeezed her saying I couldn't cry because I'd already put my boots on. There's no crying in my boots!

Warrior's big wrestling boots taught me this unspoken rule. Those colorful boots he'd run to the ring in are imbued with a special sort of magic! Those neon fringey boots are so incredibly inspiring for the power they held as he catapulted through life. His boots have been a metaphor in my life since he died. I started buying boots to carry me down my OWN path, my favorite being well worn, size seven, square toed Justins. Any time I need to buck up I throw them on. They might not give me speed like Warrior but they give me a certain measure of otherworldly confidence... as well as a tiny dose of unconscious swagger.

Whatever it is that gives you swagger wear it! Often! Whatever makes you stand straighter or remember what truly matters place it before you...daily! My Connor's Cure bracelet does this for me too. If I feel sorry for myself I look at its simple elegance and remind myself of the boy who's legacy it symbolizes and the warrior he was in his short but heroic life. I remember to be grateful. I have two healthy daughters who carry a combination of Warrior's eye color and his indomitable grit. Those hot cocoa eyes look at me for leadership and measure my step. Those eyes expect me to lace up my boots every day...

So I do.

As Warriors you must step into your boots every day. I'm asking you to be brave even if you don't feel it. I'm asking you to walk forward even though you'd rather take a step back. I'm asking you to wipe away tears of sadness or worry or bitterness or regret and steady yourself (and your resolve) with the boldness of a damn good pair of boots.

I believe like any girl shoes make the outfit (sorry all you bad ass Warriors who just rolled their eyes). I believe as warriors we step forward one foot at a time. I believe every challenge is an opportunity to lace up your boots and grow. I believe the right boots provide a certain amount of magic...and swagger...Always!


This week's blog is dedicated to a unicorn who celebrated her birthday on the 28th and might have received her own pair of squared toe magic boots!

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