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Warriors send rescue to Planet WTF?!?!....

Warriors, I'm asking you if I am absolutely crazy or if the world has changed unbelievably since the days I dated before Warrior!! I'd love to hear your perspective because I feel like I am an alien dropped on planet WTF! These questions are obviously not about good Warrior men and women...I'm just gobsmacked by the state of affairs when it comes to matters of the heart!!

When did men get lazy and listless? When did women stop having standards for themselves and the good men they choose?


I mean... REALLY?!?!

I want you Warriors to debunk me of my fairytale vision on what it takes to find a quality person with whom to enjoy time.

First off, I always respected myself back to my earliest days. Proof of this self respect lies in the story of me as a high school girl crossing a school gymnasium to rear back and smack the face of a boy who disparaged my virtue in a locker room. I was a freshman, he was a sophomore, and I liked this boy. We would "miss the bus" so we would be "forced" to walk home. We had great fun laughing and talking all the way to our neighborhood. I was not allowed to actually date until I was sixteen but these daylight activities on foot were permitted. He would write me these epic letters too on college ruled paper...even then I was a fan of words and swooned a tiny bit at the flattery. All was great until he announced, after water polo practice, that he liked the birthday gift I'd dropped at his house but had I gone inside I could have really given him a gift..

ummmm...excuse me?

...hence the tearing of blonde hair hyper speed across a ridiculously shiny basket ball court lit with a mirror ball and lined with crepe paper. As I flew up his smile melted to query, then recognition, then shock, and ultimately awe as I landed a slap that reverberated over AC/DC.

"There's your gift."...

...I whispered before turning on my little dress shoe and striding away.

Gentlemen did not speak of ladies that way. When did men stop being gentlemen? When did women stop behaving like ladies?

Ok, before I get lampooned off my high horse I'm not pretending to be all white gloves and high collar. I'm not. I love to cut loose with my friends but I'm never sloppy. When did EVERYTHING get sloppy? When did society start playing Russian Roulette with their hearts by swiping right and left??! When did a text suffice for all communication? When did men stop calling? When did women start accepting so much less? When did people start dating on snap chat????

Before I have even dipped my toe back in this new era dating pond I think I might declare myself "out" and just keep doling the love advice my girlfriends always seek.

Maybe you Warriors could tell me where I'm wrong!

I am of the opinion there are many, many good men out there. There are fewer great ones but those good guys can be made great with a little elbow grease and patience. I never knew why anybody put up with jerks. I always say..."pick a guy who ruins your lipstick, not your mascara". 

Cheaters, liars, dumbasses need not apply.

I told Warrior as soon as he wanted to make our relationship exclusive (which was almost immediately after I relented to go on a date with him after refusing 1) his marriage proposal upon first meeting and 2) his unrelenting pursuit once I started running his aerobics program) that I had a zero tolerance cheating policy. I laugh at how that conversation went down and remember vividly the look of amusement and respect as I laid down the law.

"Look," I said, "it is really simple, if you ever cheat on me it's over...I won't cry, I won't carry on, I won't be sad and take to my bed...I will simply walk in my house, shut the door, turn off my porch light, and never think of you again.".

I said it so calmly, no trace of my effervescence or playful nature. I saw in his eyes a total belief that I meant what I said and never once, in the years we dated and were married, did I question his fidelity.

Speaking of our dating life, I was awed and amused by his dogged pursuit!! When did men stop pursuing worthy women? When did women start chasing unworthy men? I always tell my single friends, guys never forget where you are, a good one will pursue....if he doesn't, he's not that into you. Period. Shake it off... Push the fool who was too dumb to see your perfection from your mind...he's not into you..somebody else will be.

When did guys get lazy? The listlessness and lethargy I see in the dating pool seems downright depressing!! I think back to all the times I replied, "No thank you.", to Warrior's requests for an evening out before I relented, I legit laugh. He loved the chase. He won my heart. He knew once he caught me he'd win my love forever so he fought for me. Where's the fight for the queen these days? Where are the men who have a glint in their eye and the swagger to say..."I will keep will change your mind.".

(This does not invite stalking friends...No means no...I'm just reminiscing here...😂).

My god, good men...what happened to swagger??!!

And ladies? Ladies!!! You are not off the hook!!! What happened to sweetness? I was a sassy little spitfire but I was also unabashedly sweet. If I named one thing I miss most it is having that person worthy of lavishing with sweetness. There's no better candy in your own mouth than giving all your sweetness to a good man. The biggest bear of a man can be leveled by a quiet kindness and well honed feminine wiles. When did women stop enjoying their power as women? Warrior could be settled so fast when I just pulled out my woman card ( know EXACTLY what I mean). When did it become a bad thing to be sweet to your guy? When did guys become suspect of sweetness?

OMG, mind is blown!!!

I've probably had my one true and only love but I started to think maybe I'd take a look around for something different in this stage of my life.

Ummmmmm...Space Command!!!...can you hear me?

Get me off of this Planet WTF!!!!

It seems so foreign and hopeless. I may have declared what I want and can offer is entirely different than what I could offer or wanted all those years ago but I was hoping...maybe on this crazy planet there would be some bad ass who would fight to change my mind...

Ground Control!!! SOS!!!

I just keep bumping into dumbasses. If you don't know me you don't know that's my favorite word to use with my girlfriends for their/my/our stupid behavior.

I don't need any true dumbasses in my life. I mean I love me a dumbass...You are not truly part of our crew if you have not been called a dumbass...but amongst us it's said with love...if we call a guy a dumbass...he's toast. When did men become such dumbasses? When did women stop slapping sense into the men who go from dumbass to Warrior in the blink of an eye for the love of his equal.

I believe the line William Wallace's father spoke in BRAVEHEART..."Your heart is free... Have the courage to follow it.". I believe love is the essential nutrient that feeds a warriors soul...I believe lives we dare to share are more beautiful...ALWAYS...

...but I mean...





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