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Warriors Know When to Wear the Mask...

Happy Halloween, Warriors!! I love this holiday passionately. I mean, I love Halloween with an almost embarrassing glee. So far, since Friday, I've been both an angel and a devil, as well as Dorothy at the gym today. Please, please do not ruin Halloween with comments on its dark and evil roots...

1) I don't buy it and 2)shining light in any dark place creates nothing but light. I believe our Creator is all knowing and understands intention and heart and can be the judge of who I am when my time comes. Whatever your personal beliefs, please know I deeply respect them, but for me, deep abiding love, joy, and gratitude remain my religion and laughter is my holy communion. On Halloween let us laugh.

I think I love Halloween because for a day you can wear any mask you choose. I'll never forget one Halloween Warrior was honored by our God children, Adison and Shea, with the request to don his mask. Warrior had never, and has never since, painted his mask on a face other than his own. When he took out his OWN paints and brushes to paint both a young warrior and warrior girl in his likeness I watched his pride swell and their character bloom. 

Most incredible was taking these two trick-O-treating with their parents, Warrior in a low baseball cap, and myself trailing along. We adults stood hidden in the shadows as others opened their doors in recognition of THE (Two) ULTIMATE WARRIOR(s) standing at their door. Only once did a person venture from their home to meet the parents of children so young wearing a costume from their youth. Imagine the shock of a fan who shook hands with the actual man and the treat of meeting him on a night so sweet.

My children never had the blessing of their dad painting them up. I should have made that a priority but it never even crossed my mind since I thought I was guaranteed years. I hope his spirit will overtake Mattie before she paints up backstage at an arena the first time she prepares to run to the ring.

You Warriors have asked me to paint up but it has just not felt right. There might come a time I will don his mask for a very special reason--time will tell. For today, this Halloween 2016, my dear friend and makeup artist extraordinaire, Alisha Martinez, has painted me in a lace mask as an homage to the man who is today, and forever will be, ULTIMATE in the blue eyes that lie behind this more delicate emblem.

I believe in candy bowls and costumes. I believe in looking at your OWN life and judging it if judging is what you feel called to do. I believe there are many masks we wear in life to hide, but the POWER comes from one that exposes us for the Warriors we are in battle...Always!!!



 👻thank you Alisha, my friend, partner in crime, evil bunny, and makeup artist for the emotional task of painting his logo on my face for the first time. Thank you for pretending not to notice I cried. Thank you for all the ways you make me laugh...💗Always🐰🐰

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