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Warriors Don't Magnify an Obstacle...They Magnify Their POWER...

I don't know that I'm exceptional in any way except for the fact I'm too exceptionally stubborn to ever quit. I've been this way my entire life. Meeting my match in Warrior at such a young age made me more solidly bold. I can remember so clearly the way he'd look at me when I'd get on a passionate rant and the way a chuckle met his eyes when I was effusively (or overly) excited. Denise recently reminded me of how he didn't even try to tame my fiery passion about something inconsequential but would instead shake his head ever so slightly and simply concede my point when I was on a roll. Denise was laughing at how he'd say just my name..."Dana."...and how that said everything he meant to say. 

Boy do I miss that. 

I realized today, anew, how much I miss him and how he held my heart so tenderly in his big hands. I have diverse musical taste from metal to classic country. One current artist I absolutely adore is Brad Paisley. He is a fantastic musician and terrific family man. His new song Today is on my playlist but I'd yet to see the video so when it was on the countdown I paused to watch. The stream of life affirming moments capturing pure delight caused me to sit on the bed with a faucet of bittersweet tears. One part, of course, struck me hardest. Through huge, wet tears I cheered a dad walking his beautiful daughter, with sunflowers in her bouquet, down the aisle, struggling with each step, but making it through. I'm so sad Warrior won't walk his daughters to the man who will hold their hearts in protective hands. That's my soft spot. When I've had somebody flippantly say he won't be there to do that because of choices he made long ago I'm filled with indignation, rage, and pain... Warrior's death was no surprise to God, just to us. He lived out every day written for him inspiring others with his passion, intensity, principles, and heart. Warrior was not punished with his death and he did not "abandon" the girls and me. Warrior lived the life he was meant to, never magnifying his obstacles, but rather magnifying his POWER as an example to all he touched. Warrior left in his wake this legion of warriors to carry on all he began. What other entertainer can claim to have initiated such a diverse group of freaks and misfits (I say with a huge smile and wink since you all belong to ME now!!!) to go forth in this world and lead, never follow.

Life is not easy. We all have hard days, weeks, months, sometimes YEARS... It would be easy to choose to look at the obstacles and admit defeat. Easy, however, is not a word in a true warriors playbook so we do not submit. Although we may surrender some dreams that are taken unexpectedly without our consent we replace those visions with equally momentous dreams. While Warrior won't walk Mattie down the aisle I have no doubt he will be the wind behind her when she runs to the ring. He might not hold out the big curve of his arm to Indy on her wedding day, but I have no doubt he will continue to whisper in her ear encouragement as she trains her way to a NYC stage.

We are not promised an easy road, Warriors. We are promised a life filled with valleys and is up to us what we magnify.

I believe in karma, justice, and all things coming to good. I believe in our military men and women around the world returning home and the looks on their loved ones' faces. I believe in romance, love, marriage proposals and a walk down the aisle. I believe in hearts that know they will be held in the tender hands of one ultimately trusted... Always!!



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