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Warriors Celebrate Birthdays...

Warriors Celebrate Birthdays...

I've written many heartfelt birthday messages, sometimes to people unworthy of my words. I've given many thoughtful birthday gifts and made toasts with bourbon, bubbles, and of course Don Julio!! This month the girls' and I all celebrate our special days and receive warm wishes from all you warriors... 

I got to thinking though...

EACH of you celebrate YOUR birthday without me knowing. That bummed me out...soooooo...I decided to write an across the board message to all my warrior readers for the day you joined the fight for your destiny...the day you were born....

Today, dear warrior, is a really important day to observe and celebrate. The world is a vastly better place because you are in it. There is not another person on this planet with a spirit quite like yours... I can say with confidence you being here matters.

You are transcendent and special.

Birthdays are the best days to set the trajectories of our lives. It is the perfect time to leave behind old belief systems that we were fed in our younger years. At any  age YOU can DECIDE to be better. 

When I was twenty two I decided to heal myself all the sh** my parents poured into me because they were broken themselves. 


Don't believe the bad stuff. It's not true of you. I see it in the eyes and words of you warriors. You have such deep intelligence, understanding, humanity, and creativity. That's something of an anomaly in this day when people have stopped thinking past their phones. You have a clean slate of a life unrolling at your feet ready for every adventure YOU choose to embark not think small...think EPIC! That's what your life can be. 

You are the author...The end is yet unwritten.

Do not listen to old whispers in your head negative people placed there. They are limited and don't  even know the real you. You know you. Choose to be the best you YOU KNOW!!!

Smile in pictures...they are the history of your life!! Your smile is one of your truest, best features. Believe me, it is!

Stop listening to that voice in your head that talks about a scar you carry on your body, or your heart. Your face is a beautiful face and your heart is a beautiful heart. Scars, anywhere, are medals from battle. Some we see, some we don't, but they mark the fact we lived through something bad and walked away with something added. Wear your scars proudly! 

Today, decide to stop undermining your power...

CHOOSE INSTEAD TO....step into it.

Birthdays are important to celebrate. They are our footsteps that mark the lives we live until we live no more. I am celebrating your WARRIOR day for selfish reasons. Your sweetness and whimsy along with your fearlessness, strength, and support awakened another part I forgot lived inside of me. I bet you have that gift and have given it often to others. By giving to others you are part of an intricate,  karmic web. 

Don't forget that...or this...

You are worthy of all kinds of love, affection, and awe. 

I believe any day you choose to be re-born is a birthday...I believe YOU are an Ultimate me, to others...Today,...and ALWAYS!!

🎁Happy Birthday.🎂


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