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Warriors Say, "Give it to Me"....

Whenever things got really stressful or I was upset during my life with Warrior he would wrap my little self into his big self and say to the top of my head..."give it to me"... 

Just writing that made me cry.

I would bury my face in his chest and for a moment hand it all over to my husband to handle. I would feel so much better no matter the situation because, on this planet, I had another to not only share, but take possession of my burden.

Warrior carried this on with our girls. He would handle their hurt or frustration or sadness with the simple phrase, "give it to me." and just like me, they did. 

What a gift!! 

Mattie and I were in the kitchen discussing the comfort this brought us and concluded in this season of giving it would be a wonderful idea to also TAKE...

When Warrior would say "give it to me" he was telling Indy, Mattie, and me we were not only not alone in our sorrow, but that he would actually gladly carry the burden of our sadness on his big, broad shoulders. This season celebrates the story of somebody who did this in the most magnanimous way imaginable. What if every one of us did that for one other person before 2016 ends? What if we looked at a friend in financial difficulties and said, "give it to me."? What if we hugged a grieving friend and offered to take on their pain? What if, for no reason at all, we walked out of a restaurant and paid the bill for a service member and their family?...

What if we saw a need and simply said....

"Give it to me.".

...the way Warrior did for the girls and me.

Now I'm the boss lady around my house. There's nobody left who will put me back together if I fall I don't! I'm the queen of "Give it to me" now...

At least that's what I thought until last Tuesday... 

When a person dies unexpectedly there's a lot of mess to clean up. There are scorching fires to put out that add to the pain. I've done it with quiet efficiency to the best of my ability but every scratch on the healing scar hurts. I had to face something unpleasant in an already unpleasant situation that cost me nights of sleep. When it was over the let down of adrenaline led to a need to release the sadness somehow. I needed Warrior there to hand it over but that could never be. I hung up the phone with my best friend telling her what had transpired explaining I was at CVS picking up odds and ends before my business trip. I was swiping my credit card and gathering my bag when I looked up and saw someone with their arms outstretched to me. I walked right into Denise's embrace.

Although she didn't know that moment she'd said, "give it to me"...

So I did.

I believe life is about the people we love and who love us back. I believe we can be an angel to others in need. I believe my husband's lessons live on through each of us Warriors. I believe the Ultimate gift you can give is to share a weighty burden with somebody hurting. I believe "give it to me" might be the greatest expression of love ever...Always.


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