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Happy 2017, Warriors!!!!...

I have come to love New Year's Eve and Day! The turning of the year marks a fresh page in the book of our lives...On this day there's not a single mark on the paper. We have a bright and beckoning canvas on which we begin in earnest.

Warriors, 2017 is the time to write your own story...Set it in sweat...Carve it in blood! I promise I have had my head down, in training, ready to catapult into this New Year with warrior-esque ferocity!


No matter how challenging 2016 was for any of us, today we leave it behind. Mistakes made are just lessons learned. Forgive yourself missteps, they made you better...they fortified you for all you are meant to be in 2017!! Not one day is ever wasted, not one perceived failure ever without reason. Opportunities abound for those untethered to regret, unshackled from shame and self doubt! You are the master of the year ahead. Break chains from the past that held you from your true potential! FLY!!

In 2017 stop banging against a wall in the dark. Choose with your vast intelligence to turn around, walk out an open door, and bask in the light! Life is a journey through glass shards and glitter-- all of it shines. The good and the bad make us who we must be to tell the story, our OWN story! The story we were born to write and live. The story that is not just big; its ULTIMATE!

I believe in New Year's Eve toasts with champagne and kisses. I believe when the clock strikes twelve we are given a clean slate. I believe an unblemished year spreads before us with nothing but limitless possibility. I believe 2017 will be our best year, until the next year, this year, and.... ALWAYS!

xo🕰🥂, Dana

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