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Ultimate Warrior 30

Warriors are Warriors...Here, Now, Always...

The Ultimate Warrior sometimes came out at home. I channeled him the other night when I thought somebody was breaking into the house. Once the episode was over Mattie and I laughed remembering the time he went savage over something nearly as benign as I had just done. What didn't make me laugh, but made me proud, was Mattigan saying..."neither time did I feel scared. You and daddy seemed equally powerful.".

We all know under normal circumstances I could in no way be as mighty as my husband. I did, however,surprise myself when it came time to protect my nest and chick-- heaven help the fool on the other end of my shot gun because Mattie called me "bad-freaking- ass". 😂

Every Saturday we had movie night as a family. Warrior redid the family room one Christmas morning with comfy pillows, colorful beanbags for the girls, a new TV, blu ray, game console and not one, but two Barbie dream houses so the girls could be neighbors. Faithfully, I would make popcorn, break out the concessions (chocolate almonds for him, gummy bears for me, and the girls stole from us both then usually settled on peanut butter cups or m&ms). The "what are we going to watch" conundrum would begin which was the one part I dreaded. He chose a movie, the way he did everything else, with Ultimate intensity.🙈

These Saturdays were a staple and a commitment. Very few were ever missed. I'd even hear the girls negotiate Friday sleepovers so not to miss Saturday family movie night. Warrior sat through every animated movie, every Barbie adventure, and got legit choked up over Katy Perry's documentary for her pluckiness, sweet sensitivity, but I think mostly for his admiration over her work ethic, love of fans, and never quit, even if you're down, mentality. I can't think of a better word for what it was to watch him shake his head and say, "good movie" over the girly movies we watched, so please forgive me, for calling your idol...terribly...


The movie night UW showed up was the antithesis of "cute". We were all in formation, strewn across the couches and beanbags with bowls of popcorn and little bags of candy when Mayhem started a low, throaty growl. "Knock it off, May"...Warrior said. He was definitive alpha so usually that quieted her. This time it did not. He went to the window she was peeking out, saw what she must and flew out the room, house, and dog run with us trailing behind. At the end of our dog run is a chain link fence cemented into the ground that I saw buckle in one kick. He was through it in a blink and on top of a man pleading, "I'm your neighbor, I'm your neighbor" before our Warrior showed back up and set him down. 😂

I've seen my husband in many, many situations. I've seen him intense. I've seen him defensive. I've seen him putting together Barbie dream homes with sweet focus at two AM. I could describe them all..but this situation Ieft me at a loss for words...except maybe one?...

meeeeeeeeeooooooooow. 😻

I turned to the girls saying ..."getting late ladies, time for bed.". Even though it was hardly past dark and there was popcorn left to eat, candy left to consume and a movie rolling, unwatched.

Over their protests I looked back at my husband with eyebrows raised, a flirty wink, and mouthed, "holy sh*%, that was really, REALLY hot".

My god, did he laugh.

This year marks the thirtieth anniversary of The Ultimate Warrior busting through arena curtains, charging with supersonic speed to the ring, bringing cheering crowds to their feet, and electrifying audiences like no one has before or since.

Still, his legend grows. It seems you Warriors are the reason his legacy will never die. You stay engaged and invested in being part of the Power of his philosophy. I would love to read and see pictures of your favorite UW moments and hear about how they inspired you or what they meant in your life. I come and read everything you write here. You truly do matter to me. There are a few of you (Terrell, Glenn, Smiley *who called me Queen* 😋)who are the first to be sweet or defend me, it makes my heart truly glad. He made me the richest woman in the world leaving the treasure of all you warrior men and women to see me through. How else can I say thank you except share the stories that round out this man into whom you so rightly put your belief.

I believe in anniversaries marked. I believe in blazing the way. I believe in knocking down gates, but mending fences so you can go home. I believe we are meant to be warriors, here, now,



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