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Warriors Remember to Treat Every Day Like the First Day of Work...

"One of my expressions is to 'treat every day like it’s your first day on the job'. When you do that, it either confirms what was done yesterday was right—or it gives you an opportunity to take a fresh look at something."

--Vince McMahon

In my WWE media training I watched a high level female executive repeat Vince McMahon's quote. This road map for excellence all but guarantees success. The phrase, "Treat every day like it's the first day of work." lodged in my chest because it recalled Warrior being inspired by Vince saying it. Wow! Just. Wow! What a full circle moment as I embraced my new role as WWE Brand Ambassador. I sat with this mindset the weeks before my first community event in Orlando last week. I thought about how we often begin a mission with impeccability then with familiarity begin to slide. This is human nature but since as Warriors we are Super Human could we endeavor to rise above the slouch to mediocrity? Could we commit to begin each day anew with a "first day on the job." mentality?

There is so much I want to accomplish in my new position as WWE Brand Ambassador. I sat with all your comments and congratulations as if at a party with old friends. I read real joy in your words and felt the camaraderie of Team Warrior. I read small concerns laced with protectiveness of the girls, myself, and your immortal idol with tenderness. Nobody holds my husband's intentions in more careful hands than me. Patience and understanding are keys as I find my way...along with a belief in the fact nobody knew Warrior, or what he'd want from me, better than I do. I did read the sprinkle of hate which was so minuscule it doesn't bare repeating. I think it is mind blowing, however, for others to presume they know the inner workings of the life I shared with my husband. It is ludicrous (and frankly sexist) to imagine divining (or more aptly dismissing) the independent brain I had before, during and after my life with him.

None of the unkind words made me cry...but many of the wonderful ones did. I took screenshots of some so on rainy days I might pull out your sunshine. One suggested "I bet I know somebody with a huge smile on his face..."...I put my own face in my hands and cried for that kindness. Hearing he would be proud from you Warriors is my salve. You are my legion and I love he did.

While part of my "first day on the job" mentality will be protecting and furthering his legacy, a required part will be creating my OWN!!! This is not "milking the Warrior train" as someone insulted; this is honoring his rocket ship and taking it further. How ashamed of me he would be had I not picked up the pieces and carried on. How sad the accusation is when he so joyously and triumphantly returned to WWE before he passed. If you believe in his words and belief of destiny can you ever doubt he delivered the girls and myself to his beloved home doorstep to carry on what he began? Furthermore, I have a life of my OWN to lead and a legacy I want to build that is independent. I want to champion children and advocate for our military. I want to encourage education and shine a light on literacy. I want to be a Warrior for love, inclusion, and acceptance. I want to share my hard fought wisdom from all I've faced and ultimately give hope to those struggling. I'm not showing up on the job as my husband...I showed up, day one, as ME for the job I earned. It was over a nearly three year span I asked, almost unceasingly, "how can I help!", "how may I serve?", "I want to work." I applied for that job with a resume and cover letter, not as a widow, but as Dana Warrior. I'm not making millions, as somebody snarked, but I AM going to help raise them for Connor's Cure! I'm going to help educate ignorance. I'm going to spread a message of love, belief, tolerance, evolution, and expansion. My husband made his powerful, explosive, run to the ring and now I'm making mine.


Hop aboard or get out of my way because I'm my own force...propelled by the spirit my husband saw in me when he chose me as a wife. My Warrior Woman brand is packed with independence, sass, and spunk. I promise to leave pink dust as I continue and expand what Warrior lived to build.

My experience with The Boys and Girls Club and Forsyth Elementry in Orlando last week was the most incredible "first day of work" I could fathom. Teaming up with Darren Young (who just might be the kindest, most authentic champion for kids I've met) and speaking to our group about their potential and all our faith in them lit us from within. Being part of WWE's gift of 1000 books to a library run by a hero of a librarian (hi Bev :) was epic at Forsyth Woods Elementry. Knowing at both locations we had the chance to give a message of "Always Believe" yourself and potential..."Feel the Power"...of embracing your differences...and "Slay the Day"...with your excellence and impeccability by "Shaking the Ropes in your OWN life" was legacy building. Can't you feel the spirit of Warrior breathing in the direction of good? I do.

I believe in service. I believe a stranger's negative words about me are none of my business. I believe in destiny; that of my husband, and now my OWN. I believe in greeting each day with the "first day of on the job" spirit. I believe working, is a privilege...ALWAYS!



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