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Warriors Know Compassion is Active...

There have been scientific studies of Empathy vs Compassion studying the different pathways of the brain.

Different parts of the brain are actually triggered when we exercise either compassion or empathy. While empathy is important compassion leads and is active. When I learned this I thought of all the ways Warrior had a mixture of compassion and ultimate action with a hard kick in the ass! He was great about saying, "give it to me" but then saying "do something about it!!". The greatest antidote to outrage, depression, lethargy, sadness, and even compassionate desire to make a difference is to be a VERB! A warrior is a verb in action...we aren't stagnant!! WE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!

The coolest thing about my new position at WWE is the ability to be active with my compassion. I get to meet children I will NEVER FORGET and adults who champion those kids who are the real heroes. I have the platform to help raise money for causes important to the future like Connor's Cure. I am allowed the privilege of activating my compassion on a larger stage never forgetting what is important locally too. You have the power in your every day life to impact others!! Your active compassion changes communities, one interaction at a time.

There was a lot Warrior did that never made it to TV. When we lived in Arizona and had our gym a beautiful family moved from NYC and came into the gym in hopes of meeting Warrior. If they read this they will recognize themselves here and know I've never forgotten their love of him.

Ilona was a single mom working her tail off to provide for her beautiful children. She got no assistance because SHE WANTED TO WORK and ironically the way the system was set up to get a little help would mean she'd need to not work at all. She was a nurse and had to work nights, if I recall correctly. There was a neighbor who could look in on Jonathan but her secret weapon for fearless nights alone was turning on (then) WWF and promising her sweet son the protection of THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR.

Ilona, Jonathan, and Natalie moved to Phoenix and one day came into the gym to meet the ultimate night sitter. When Ilona told the story my husband was so touched he took Jonathan under his wing. Warrior could have felt "empathy" having been a son of a single mom and without the benefit of a good dad but instead he showed active compassion and mentored Jonathan in meaningful ways. I would bet my last dollar all three of those special people lead beautiful lives now and that Jonathan would tell a more vivid story of what Warrior meant to him.

Every single one of us can do more than we are doing today to be compassionate and active in what we give others. Warrior was such a good example of this to us all. He wrote letters and emails in response to hundreds of people he never met but knew needed just a moment. He believed so deeply in his legion of warriors he was active in his compassion and in doing so left a legacy we all carry forward.

I believe we fuel the rocket ship with Warrior-like intensity and active compassion. I believe as warriors we are meant to be a Verb...ALWAYS!!!!



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