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Eric LeGrand to receive Warrior Award at 2017 Hall of Fame

What better recipient could WWE have chosen for The Warrior Award than a man who wraps himself in a single word...BELIEVE?!?

Eric LeGrand is an inspirational warrior, championing his OWN campaign to explore and fund research with the belief he and others will walk again. Eric's never quit mentality is the catalyst for spinal cord research, and his brand of passion and positivity a source of massive inspiration and encouragement. Eric is the sort of man capable of reminding us all what the warrior spirit genuinely encompasses. Telling his story and shining a light on his perseverance and service is an honor. I am humbled by the privilege of inducting Eric LeGrand into the 2017 Hall of Fame class.

Eric is the ULTIMATE selection as this year's Warrior Award recipient. Through his mental discipline and with his positively passionate message, he has done nothing less than made the choice to ALWAYS BELIEVE!!!

On behalf of my Warrior Girls and my husband's legion of Warriors around the globe, heartfelt congratulations, Mr. LeGrand, on being selected to receive this year's Warrior Award!!

xo🏆Dana Warrior

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