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April 8, 2017-Warriors Know Legends Never Die...

Certain anniversaries are ugly. I don't know how else to say it but that bluntly. I usually have soaring words or stylized encouragement. Unfortunately, as I sit here to write the most inarticulate thoughts come to mind...things like "my god it sucks he died"...and "it's not fair he will never come home.". It's in these moments the warrior training punches me in the kisser. It's not "fair" and it does "suck" but as I say to the girls too often, "and, so?"... "now what???". So even though I'm sad I smile... he taught me well. The nicest compliment I received in Orlando was from an old colleague of Warrior's at the NXT Partner's viewing party. This man was reminiscing about my late husband's business acumen and the hard bargain he could drive. We were laughing about the fact others would be scratching their head at his imposed stipulations and grumbling over the demanded minutia but he would stop the whining by saying--"you agreed to it and besides he's The Ultimate Warrior.". I got such a laugh at this description but choked back tears when he told me I had accomplished in these three years what Warrior would have wanted most. This generous man told me I delivered Warrior to the heavens to stand among other mythological gods like Zeus and Apollo. He said the mystical, archetype I speak of had manifested in all the Warriors' hearts and he would always have that cornerstone place mortals cannot reserve. This third year is much easier. First year is marked with numbness and fog. Second year is pain, acceptance, and true grieving. For me, year three, marked finding my footing, my new place in the world, my new love affair with service, and the reclamation of joy. Three years ago today I would never have believed that possible. If you are looking at me from the other side of the bridge I promise you will be ok...but you must DECIDE to be. You'll have to traverse the path. There's no way to the other side but through the tunnel. You cannot avoid the jagged road. You can make it...I am no stronger than you, we are cut from the same cloth...choose to come to the side of healing. The you you are capable of becoming is phenomenal. I'll welcome the battle torn warrior you will be. I'm here waiting for you. I kept every vow I made to Warrior. I'm proud I can say that. I'm sad his daughters do not have their father but they are doing incredibly well. They are Warrior Girls on the brink of being young women. He would be so proud of them both. I'm sorry you all lost him too. I know you loved him and he truly loved you back...with all his big beating heart. Warrior's heart may have stopped beating three years ago today but I believe it transcended. I picture his heart a completed puzzle because it finally knew total acceptance, redemption, forgiveness, and overwhelming love. Next year's return to NOLA for WM34 will be Ultimate in remembrance on 4/08/18 and undeniably sprinkled with his technicolor vibrancy. My heart soars to know we will stand in the same place he did as he finally made it home. Shake the Ropes amongst the gods, Warrior...your girls, your legion, and I have them covered here, amongst the mortals. I KNOW...Legends Never Die. xo❤️💛💚💜💙💗d 

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