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Warriors Sew Their OWN Stitches...

I had the best time in Orlando! My greatest experiences were those I was able to be of service to others. I meant it when I said in my HOF speech "Not all love is 'Once Upon a Time Love..'.", that is an important one but there is more. The love I have for my daughters is more fierce than I can describe. The love and loyalty I have for my closest pals is something I treasure. The love affair I am privileged to do, on a larger stage, as WWE Ambassador, is the thread that finally healed my warrior-size wound. The thing close the gaping cavern of a broken heart... I HAD TO SEW THE STITCHES. I had such fun in my Hall of Fame speech this year. Gone were the nerves that made me want to vomit as I walked through the curtain 😂. Never has an "evil queen" been more gracious or laughed with pure delight! Enzo and Cass played along extraordinarily with no prior knowledge I would be showing up in their ring. Sheamus even showed off his own stitches with a good natured laugh as though the swat of a metal ladder were no thing at all. Is it any wonder I've become such a sports entertainment fan? These men and women make it easy to love them and the job they do. The commitment so many of them have to community outreach is not often publicized but it is the cornerstone of the WWE franchise, and the biggest part of their hearts. I loved what Denise Taylor, inaugural recipient of the WWE Hero Award, said when we were chatting before the cameras rolled, "I might not have been a 'wrestling fan' but I AM a 'wrestler' fan after meeting these amazing men and women.". I vowed to turn Denise into a huge Sports Entertainment fan by SummerSlam! I'm a believer there are two kinds of fans...Avid fans, and those who don't know they are avid fans...yet ;). You can grumble at me all day long, my sweet warriors, tell me you long for the glory days of yesteryear, but the only direction of life if FORWARD and I believe the next golden age lies ahead!! The common thread amongst every warrior I've met is their willingness to sew their OWN stitches in life. Yes, we hope to have support through the hard times, but the final poke, pull, and knot, has to be done on our own. No problem has ever been solved in a committee meeting talking without action. There's always a leader who puts talk into action so that cavernous problems are not just discussed but ideas are put into action. There are always the "doers", those Ultimate tailors and seamstresses who mend the split. Are you sewing your own stitches in life? I got a small laugh out of the accusation of one person (Why would I care? Why would I pause for one???) who did not like that I had sewn my life back in a new pattern to reclaim joy. Let me first say why I answer to one...rather than just ignore them. I do this because I see value in everybody, even if they are unkind to me. I'm not angry when I see something mean, it's why I answer with an "xo" so whatever I've said is understood as coming from a place of love. I was not speaking at a surface level in my speech when I said, "Along with belief the common thread woven through every Warrior's epic tale is one". Love is the most powerful weapon in our arsenal. It isn't weakness, it's ultimate strength. The bravery it takes to love fully is legendary. Ask those who have lost those they've loved. Ask how gutted they feel...ask them then, if they would trade the pain for never having experienced the love of that child, spouse, parent, grandparent, friend...I've never had a single person tell me they would erase the love to quell the pain. Loving people I don't even know alongside loving those intimately involved in my life is the way I've stitched my wounded heart and healed. Loving people means using your skills to be of help, support, and service. I believe there is great strength in healing but you must be brave enough to choose to do it. I believe living fully is about taking risks involving your heart. I believe as a warrior you've signed on to a life of bumps, bruises, cuts, and blood. I believe ULTIMATE WARRIORS don't mind this fact a bit...they relish it...since they sew their OWN stitches, anyway... ...ALWAYS!! xo♥️d 

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