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Warriors Ask Why?...

I'm not sure how widely known it is but the first time Warrior shook the ropes and the crowd went wild he was told by an agent not to shake the ropes again. This old timer told him, "You look stupid when you do that. Don't do it again.". Warrior smiled his mega watt grin and said, "yes, sir." but the next night and the night after that he shook the ropes. He told me when he'd get heat backstage he'd smile, shake his head, and claim he'd been overtaken by the crowd and forgot himself. What if Dingo Warrior had listened and never shook the ropes when he became Ultimate? Somewhere in Warrior he asked himself, "Why?". Why, when the crowd pops when I shake the ropes am I being told not to shake them? Sometimes "why?" Is the most potent question we ask ourselves. If you've raised children "why?" is a question posed and answered to infinity. I always loved when my warrior girls asked "why?". This constant curiosity showed their revving of the engine. I was always dazzled by the beautiful brains our creator gave my two. Warrior was equally invested in answering "why?" invested, in fact, sometimes the girls put their downy heads on folded arms so long winded were the answers 😂. Even still, isn't it wonderful "why?" was honored in his warrior home? Sometimes we are safe to ask a person "why?" directly. Other times, like Warrior, it is more powerful to pose the question internally. An engaged person does not accept information at face value if what is given doesn't shake the ropes of their heart. There are times people will tell you something false to simply derail you. There are other times praise will be withheld to keep you from climbing higher. Some comes from malice, other from smallness...None of it is any of your business. Your destiny is too important, too enormous, to turn a deaf ear to an internal, "why?". There's a larger platform for "why?" I am endeavoring to champion. Why are there kids who live in poverty with a country rich as ours? Why are we not feeding our bodies and minds the way we are meant to? Why are we ever breaking another down instead of building them up? Why? I believe "Why?" is the question that often begs to be answered. I believe "rules" are sometimes arbitrary but goodness is not. I believe Warrior shaking the ropes was a metaphor for a lot in his life and an example in our OWN. I believe within us lies the answer to "why?" and a demand that we answer it...ALWAYS! xo🐝d 

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