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Warriors Don't Always Row Alone...

Have you ever been on a paddle board or a paddle boat or even a rowboat as a kid with a friend and you know they don't pull their weight? like them, you love the water, and figure at any moment they're gonna jump in and paddle, or pump their legs, or row their share because-- why wouldn't they?!??--They like you too, they are as fond of the water as you, and hey-- you're a great person!!!! Why would a friend who enjoys your brand of sunshine take and not give??? Eventually it dawns on you though--you can paddle, pump, row, all day long but if you stop the effort, everything stop dead! That is just how it is with some people in life. Unless you are constantly willing to initiate movement things are dead in the water. Set that oar aside for a moment and ponder if this one sided, circuitous rowing is what you have decided to accept. In fairness, this free ride is how you've taught somebody to treat you. Accept full responsibility and breathe into understanding... Why wouldn't your slicing through the water be good for your lackluster paddling passenger? It must feel really nice to have such an energetic pal show up on shore without requiring anything in return. Unfortunately, (for them) you are no average are a Warrior in all ways, including in the water and this not so balanced water ballet has an expiration date called-- NOW! We should think enough of ourselves not to row or paddle or pump our way to futility. Don't lower the oar so low others need only crawl under it. Don't let people take from you what they are not willing to,in their way, give. Don't let others benefit unceasingly from your energy without picking up a paddle and banging out that water side by side. Warriors...kick the slackers off your boat! Choose to row row row your boat, like a rocket ship, down the stream, alone if need be. You can smile at the driftwood and wave to their inert selves on shore, but have the self awareness to remember you are a worthy recipient of another's action. Stand up for yourself (carefully, if you've taken my row boat analogy too far) and realize you deserve effort from those for whom you are making the effort. Effort, energy, kindness, praise, generosity, thoughtfulness, are the currency of a good life. These things aren't a promise, they don't make a person stuck. Pulling your weight or requiring it of others is not a guarantee or a forever commitment. Living with reciprocity is a gesture. It's a foundation. It's a friendship. It's paddling alongside a compadre. Being there for another and having someone there for you is what makes life meaningful. Withholding effort or not receiving it changes us at our core. Life is a balanced joy of gifts given AND received. I believe ultimately we row our OWN boats...but for those trusted enough to be invited aboard let's ask them to match us! Let's ensure they bring a paddle...I believe everyone in the boat needs to ROW...Always! xo🚣🏼‍♀️d 

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