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Warriors Know There is No Expiration Date on Being Great...

I'm flying back from California thinking about seeing Indy and having both my girls for Mother's Day. It's hard to leave Indiana; even though it's the right thing to do. Watching her dance with newfound maturity makes separation worthwhile, but my goodness...I miss my kid. Becoming a ballerina is like making it as any other professional athlete; it's hard core tough. She will do it, I have no doubt...she's full blooded warrior after all. Her father taught her a little something about destiny. Driving Indy back to the home of her lovely guardians she proclaimed the importance of timing in the goals she's mapped out. She is 16 and was declaring how "old" she is in this business. I laughed because she is a baby in every aspect of life except on the stage of ballet. I reminded her; she is very much on track. I am way past 16 and started a life I never imagined three years ago. I've caught up quick! If there's something you want to do, but feel behind, store that's weighing you down!!! Ditch the doubt, redouble the effort, and just catch up!!! You got this!!! Today I encourage you to strive for whatever goal sits unattained on the shelf of your heart. Not having reached it, YET, does not make you a've just not reached THAT particular destination....YET. It's not too late. Period. It's not too late to write it, read it, build it, invent it, study it, photograph it, or meet it (and by "it" we all know I mean him or her :). If you want an epic story in life you are not too late to live it...but you must endeavor to do just that. People stop dreaming and hoping and striving because disappointment hurts. I get this. Gosh, I really do. I'm not immune to my soft heart being nicked but I'm too stubborn not to persevere. I'm too big a believer in the universe rewarding a bold spirit to quit. I choose to believe beyond apparent defeat lies my ultimate victory lap. I do not log, register, or otherwise perseverate on my failures... I catapult toward success. I believe the only expiration date stamped on a Warrior's life passport is the day we draw our final breath. I believe the universe measures us by our willingness to take a knock but bounce back up. I believe as we strive for our ultimate best there are infinite avenues to personal greatness...Always! xo♥️d 

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