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Warriors Observe Memorial Day...

I do not know first hand what it is to possess the bravery required to serve your country...I do, however, know what it is to hold enormous reverence for those who do. My admiration for our military, who willingly enlist, is so overwhelming it can only be called awe. This day marks one of reflection for those who served and made the ultimate sacrifice of their lives. These men and women sought a purpose greater than their own self interest and laid down their lives so we, and others across the globe, might live free. Our military wears camouflage in different forms, blends into the environment they inhabit, become faceless on the battlefield. These unknown warriors are not unknown to the families who love them; their faces, voices, laughter, hands, and sparkle of spirit are the most familiar parts of the life they lived. Today is not just a day to host a BBQ or kick off summer celebration. It is a day to reflect on those who were willing to run into places from which most of us would wish to run away...Today we owe those brave men and women a moment of our day for reflection and the expression of our appreciation for what they laid down in service. Today we are grateful. Today we honor and remember those who gave their lives for others who might never know their names. I believe these brave men and women have a common name... They are called Warrior...Always! xo🇺🇸d 

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