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"Ask and ye shall receive" fits for the number of questions in response to my "nothing is off limits" invitation to ask. The questions were vast, varied, insightful, intelligent, and posed with great care. I was not offended by a single one although some of you worried I might be. Curiosity is healthy and I get to make boundaries as I see fit. Rest assured I received every query in the spirit it was asked and return the love you all so freely give ten fold. Ken B, on Facebook, gave thanks for helping him live after the loss of his son. I am offered such gratitude for sharing the road I've traveled from the loss of Warrior to now. I am encouraged every time another warrior has follows me down the path of healing. I am no stronger than you; if I can do it you can too. Life is too beautiful to waste in bitterness. I choose everyday to find happiness. We all make a choice to see the cloud or witness the sky. chgoalie27 asked on Instagram, "...does it help to know there are strangers like me who feel universally tied to you and hold his Warrior Girls in the highest regard.."-- The answer is 100% yes, although none of you are are his legion of warriors and now ours. The fact you referred to us as "his Warrior Girls" melts my heart. Without each and every one of you I could not have done what Stove has helped me do. There's a need in the world for strong, good hearted, warrior women and men. It sustains me to know we have a mission, an army, and the collective heart to serve. There were many queries to Warrior's favorites... Music: Varied...heavy metal to classical Food: huge quantities 😂but a perfectly cooked steak rang his bell. Chocolate almonds were his favorite movie treat. He requested my homemade chocolate cake each birthday with coffee ice cream. He loved home cooking and I loved to hear him tell me I was the best cook in all the world so we made a pretty fantastic team. Drinks: Tons and tons of water He drank huge amounts of coffee every day. I have never, ever had a cup. Last summer Steph told Vince this fact people find so odd about me. Vince chuckled a little and said, "I think that's probably for the best"...🤣 I guess I am on the "energetic" side. So was Warrior but he loaded that rocket ship with a sh*# load of caffeine. He had whiskey in his office and a few beers in his office fridge but he was not big on consuming alcohol. I may not drink coffee but I've yet to meet a tequila I didn't call mi Amigo. Favorite movie: Braveheart Favorite book: The Magic of Believing Favorite pastime outside of the gym: reading, painting, being with the girls. Snoring loudly but claiming never to be asleep. Hero: Coach Pate. The man he said first introduced him to a weight room and changed his life. Warrior loved his dogs. He had many, long before I met him, and he spoke of them often. We shared a life with a Rottweiler called Ransom, a bulldog named Mack, a Brussels Griff he named Griff 😂and gave voice and many storylines to..."I'm Griff, Griff the gunslinger..." and when Warrior didn't want to criticize me directly he would say, " are losing it..." in the voice he created for Griff. I would laugh so hard at the scenarios and find myself sometimes forgetting Griff wasn't the one talking it became such a running joke. We both cried like babies when each of our dogs died. Our Aussie Sheps, Daisy and Wiley were beloved, Wiley died the summer before Warrior did, the next year the girls and I lost Daisy the day before Father's Day but kissed her soft muzzle and sent her to him as a wonderful gift. We still have Moxy and Mayhem who were very young when he died. Warrior was a true animal lover but dogs were by far his favorite. To answer the question of his journals and the hope of a book--that will come...all in good time. A lot of that would have been too hard to look at right away but now we can start making a plan to bring it to you Warriors. AlexaBlissguy1 asked who I thought his best opponent was and I think he would agree it was Randy. He loved working with Randy and credits their programs a lot. He had such respect for the Macho Man character and Randy as his friend. I personally love his feud with Rick Rude (who's promos make me laugh out loud) and I was truly saddened HOF was so chaotic and busy I did not get to meet his sons and congratulate them in person. I think his Intercontinental win against Honky Tonk Man is legendary and I have a real respect for the love HTM ALWAYS displays for this business. HTM is a "fans first" performer and a legend on the mic. Warrior always spoke of Andre and Undertaker with reverence, love, friendship, and ultimate respect. That's a good place to stop this week. For the rest of June I'll answer more each Monday. Happy Summertime, Warriors! xo♥️d 

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