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Warriors Know There's No Way Around...Only Through...

I'm sure I've written that to you before; it's something I say all the time. People often look for the easy way to avoid unpleasantness hoping to avoid suffering. I'm here to tell you avoiding difficulties is impossible. Pain has a purpose, as does joy; it's meant to be felt. It is only through experiences, both good and bad, we grow over the span of a lifetime. Attempting to avoid pain we actually avert Ultimate joy. It could be argued there is a middle ground in "living" that never the risks the highest highs or the lowest lows. That argument falls flat with technicolor warriors such as ourselves since that would be like living a life inside a black and white TV. Whatever you are battling FIGHT THROUGH! Whatever you are enjoying, REVEL with abandon! Fall in love hard! Follow your passion with gusto! Sing to the radio! Shred a dance floor! Learn something new with relish! Attack your physical goal with verve! There's a finish line written in the stars and none of us know that specific date. The game of life comes to an end and we must strive to hold victory overhead! Obstacles are mere proof of our warrior spirit and ability to persevere. I believe there is no way around life's difficulties and that's actually ok... I believe the true gift in life is all the beauty experienced on our way through. ABxo♥️d  

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