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Warriors are Light...

Those three words have a multitude of meanings. There are so many parts of that sentence that feel like a place to jump off and run with my words. When I sit to write I always ask the muse that guides my message to take lead. Although my urge to fly off in a mystical direction like a wild mustang in the desert; I will pull back on my OWN practical reigns and report... ... it is time to get rid of all your extra Sh*%! Lol--I know... wow! ...what a turn! Having moved and cleared out a lifetime for another, I promise what I'm providing is a service. It is time to lighten up your life. It is time to ditch the oppressive "stuff" that contaminates your living environment. It is the moment to unclog the sludge that translates in the way you move through life. Having recently done what I'm asking you to do I can report, with de"light", the purging of old makes way for the new. You probably never thought of Warrior as overly sentimental or a saver, but dear Lord...he was. I was treated to this horror when leaving our family home. Never did I know he kept EVERY SINGLE scribble our daughters placed on a sticky note (but there they were!) or that EVERY SINGLE handwriting assignment and art project were kept, in stacked order, in what he affectionately referred to as, "the archives". Listen, I'm a softy, I think my children are glittery, sparkling awesome sauce...but dear god...when stuck filtering through his attachment to "stuff" I was tortured ! He was the seven layer dip of sentimental attachment!! What a mess!!! my true fashion... I donned a pink hard hat and began to shovel!!! I set out to clean "it" up. I threw away what was trash, I saved what was treasure. I anonymously donated what was lovely and useful for another. I gave to friends and young couples what would make their lives better. I kept only the bare necessities. If I didn't have a place for it in my new home... it did not come. I gifted the girls' beautifully kept dolls and dresses and treasures to little girls who lit up as Christmas came in July. I saw my toil paying off! I saw good coming from the shoveling out of the sh*#! There is not one thing that is no longer in my possession I miss. The weight of a lifetime of "stuff" is no longer mine to bare as I walk through life alone. Do not just talk about decluttering your life. DO IT! Rent a dumpster, have a garage sale, donate to worthy causes. The psychic impact too much junk has on your life is immeasurable. I went from a home and property three times the size of what I'm in now and I've not an ounce of clutter. My home is smaller but the space more expansive in every way. In this uncluttered life I am able to breathe anew. I believe Warriors are indeed light. I believe we carry inner light. I believe we walk in the light and we walk lightly. I believe the antithesis of light is what holds us back...I believe it is the "THINGS" that weigh us down. I believe letting go is not losing...I believe letting go is opening the windows to let in ultimate light. I believe Warriors are, in all ways, light...Always. xo☀️d 

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