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9/11 Remembered...Always

Every year the days that proceed and follow September 11th shake me. I always become contemplative over the loss of innocent life on US soil. I usually feel called to write. This year I have no words; just quiet reverence and sorrow for the lives so senselessly stolen. My heart breaks, too, for the survivors shouldering the thievery; making a whole life baring the phantom limb of loss. Thank you to those who ran in when others ran out. Ultimate Heroes. Much love and strength to those who lost and grieve. Remembrance of those who are no longer alive because of the hubris and evil that forever robbed us of the innocence we enjoyed and the vast potential of our citizenry murdered. Today I quietly revere you all. I believe in the resting of those spirits we lost in peace...and remembering them...Always. xo🇺🇸d 

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