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If opportunity is the sun, turn your face toward it. Don't waste your life wallowing in the dark. Too often when "bad" things happen we wrap ourselves in a blanket of despair. That's ok now and then, for a finite span, but then, it's time to seek the good. There are many who wait passively for "good" to find them. Some complain they get passed over for happiness due to unfair circumstances and the tough hand dealt. I think, at best, these people unintentionally hide from the happiness they seek. I think, at worst, these people are scared, spoiled, lazy, entitled, or a combination of all. My heart goes out to people gripped by fear. It's an emotion I've experienced myself. The other three vices are ones I abhor; if you experience them, discontinue their use. I promise a better life if you do! I say this often, but it bares repeating, "I am happy because I choose to be.". Third grade is the last year I remember being carefree and without hard challenge. I grew up with a father who screamed incessantly. I am an innately loyal person so I will not delve into details of his abusive tirades but I battled an eating disorder and incredibly low self esteem in my younger years because of it. I did not however allow him to define my life. I fought to find happiness like the scrapper I am. I bought books, sought help, and became a self imposed orphan. I did not succumb to a negative picture of myself from any outside source. Even before I knew what I was doing, I sought the light..and I faced it. Sunflowers are my favorites. Warrior would buy them for me often. He told me once they were the flower that belonged to me. He said they were bright and cheerful blooms held by a deceptively strong stalk. He mused no matter where planted, they always sought the sunshine. It's probably an annoying quality of mine when my circle wants to wallow; but it's true. Whenever anyone I love is knocked down I allow for a small window of "waaaahhhh, waaaaah" before I say, "uh huh, Now what?". "and?" "so?". The same strict application of "moving on" is my constant mantra. In every storm I pinpoint the light. It's a choice. It's a habit. It's the God I obey. I've been broke and rebuilt. I've been broken and repaired. I've been face down, in the mud, and stubbornly turned at least one blue eye to seek the shine. I believe opportunity lives in the sun...and so I face it...ALWAYS! xo☀️d 

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