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Warriors Love Many Things Well...

I am an animal lover. I have had dogs and cats since I can remember. In fact, I can’t remember a time in my life an animal wasn’t part of my family. After chatting with Lilian Garcia on her podcast one show, Chasing Glory, and encouraging others to foster or adopt homeless pets I put my fur ball brain where my mouth is and welcomed two homeless kitties into Casa de Warrior Girl. Moxy and Mayhem are still not so sure my big heart should extend to Pedigree and Blade but I’m a pretty good negotiator. Mattigan was a little worried as she saw the dogs response. I think she worried too over loyalty; did loving these new kitties take away from loving the dogs. I told her no, it didn’t, everyone would adjust...eventually...but love is so much bigger than we know. Love is unquantifiable and the more we give the more there is even if that equation doesn’t make logical sense. I was proud when my little girl, who is becoming a young lady said, “loving little things...this is living..” as she held one of the kittens in her hands. Loving things is what makes us human. Giving of yourself is what makes life real and it’s entirely your responsibility to give. It’s a contracted life that does not recognize the poverty inherent in a purely selfish life. The Universe takes things away- sometimes things you cannot fathom living without- things for which you feel certain you cannot possibly continue to draw breath... ...but draw breath you will, if you see the Universe also delivers gifts so beautiful they’ll leave you breathless. Sometimes so breathtaking these gifts the world becomes soundless and all you hear is a stitch being pulled through a broken heart mending. I believe life is meant to be a challenge. I believe we weather storms we feel ill prepared to face. I believe it is in the facing of storms we learn our hearts. I believe it is with that strong, stitched heart, warriors are meant to love many things... Always. xo🐶🐱💗🐱🐶d Please help me celebrate the 30th Anniversary of THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR’S debut (10/25)with stories of watching him through the years. You many, many warriors loved him so well. ❤️💛💚💙💜 

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