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Warriors Live Their Gimmick...

On the Eve of Halloween I challenge you to create your best self character and a year from now unveil it. Consider yourself both Dr. Frankenstein and his “Monster” and envision what you’d like reflected back to you in the mirror as you say, “It’s Alive!”. Before you reach your hand into the candy bowl one too many times grab pen and paper and make a list of who you’d like to be and what that could look like next time the leaves begin to change. There’s not one goal set in the world that is not first a spark, then a distant glimmer requiring the fan of hard work and perseverance. It’s folly to imagine others have it easy or stumble into plain “dumb luck”. People for whom it would seem unfathomable to have anything less than a perfect existence are lonely, or sad, or feel isolated, defeated, overwhelmed or alone. Picture perfect lives are nothing but a snapshot. Happiness is built with intention. Recently I was really hurt by a friend who dismissed the hard work I’d put in professionally and personally to rebuild a life for myself and the girls. The words “it’s easier for you...” were actually uttered. I laughed a sad and ironic laugh because not a damn thing has been easy for me since I was in third grade. I can look back at that age and see where the struggle began. To have anyone listen to what I expressed on Lilian Garcia’s PodcastOne show and infer I’ve had a smooth road is deaf to all I revealed. Still, not one hard day would I trade for an easier led me here; to all of you. Service will be the gimmick I live. It is my intention to serve others; ultimately. I believe it is up to YOU to choose a gimmick that suits your best self. I believe YOU are the doctor as well as the beast. I believe every super hero from the beginning of time maximized their powers so greatness could be revealed. I believe be it Superman, Batman, Conan, or Zeus Warriors from the pages of history make it their life’s mission to be ULTIMATE. I believe we Warriors are meant to strive to live our gimmick..ALWAYS! X🎃🖤, d 🔪Happy Halloween, Warriors! 👻 You are, and always will be, Ultimate in my heart!☠️❣️ 

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