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Warriors Refuse to be Victims...

There’s not one person reading these words who has not been a “victim”. There are so many ways to have endured through life’s seemingly cruel hardships. I've not been immune to these circumstances but I’ve used every one of them as a lesson. I choose to reframe difficulties and disappointments as challenges that increase my fortitude, wisdom, and ultimate strength. Even when things have been stolen from me or lost I make a choice to believe with this “loss” I’ve paid a karmic debt. I lost a pair of sunglasses I worked hard to be able to afford recently in Denver. One of my team members from WWE tried to help me track them down to no avail. She was so apologetic but I said, “No worries, I Believe any lost item of value is a karmic debt paid so I’m lighter for having paid it off.”. She’s such a sponge for learning and said, “wow, that’s a really amazing way to go through life. I’m going to adopt that attitude next time I lose something.”. From losing things small to enormous things there’s not a “thing” we can change except our attitude. One of my best friends had a car wreck totaling his car. The other driver was completely at fault but without insurance. His insurance would not cover his car so after fighting in court he was stuck with a bill for being victimized on the road. It was such a frustrating circumstance of injustice. Still, as we were hashing over the frustration I reminded him he could have been killed. He walked away, albeit injured, with the most precious of gifts...his life. Last I heard he’s driving a vintage truck, smiling. I laugh when some ignorant know it all foolishly criticizes me for the work I do now. Never once do they pause to think who is helped because I did not allow my circumstances to victimize me. I shake my head over the hubris but pray goodness over even the most cruel. I am the grateful recipient of cards, emails, texts of those Warrior survivors who refuse to fall prey to a victim mentality. It is through working in my capacity as ambassador and being a hard fighting scrapper I can influence others to choose strength. I believe you can’t be a victim and a bad ass at the same time... I choose to be a bad ass...Always! xo🦋d 

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