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Warriors Vanquish Entitlement...

Nobody gets exactly what they imagine in life. The best laid plans have twists and turns we never plotted on our carefully designed map. Oddly this fact is part of the beauty in life! Our small scope road map might take us to destinations too dinky for our destiny to be discovered. When a rough road swerves our steering we must hold fast to our North We need to Always Believe! Bad things happen to good people everyday. I know this to be true in the wonderful people I meet through life. “Worse things happen to better people than me.” is an oft repeated sentence held in my mind. Reminding myself of this simple truth balances my perspective. I shut down a whiney voice that petulantly asks, “why me?”. “Why not me?” Is my answer to a tired, worn thin self. What makes me so special I’d be given immunity from suffering? Answer?... Nothing. Not a damn thing. On the flip side, I’m not immune from joy. I find happinesses to be my natural state. I’m “entitled” to nothing but welcome to whatever attitude I adopt in a life I create. Entitlement is the vampire within. Consequence of hosting such a beast is the inevitability of it sucking you dry. Entitlement is blood thirsty; it’s a’s that spoiled rotten brat who’s thirst can never to be quenched. Entitlement is insatiable by nature since “more” is all it wants...there can never be enough “more”. Times change, positive values should not. What made the “greatest generation” of men and women great is what makes humanity great. Honor, integrity, bravery, grit, work ethic, humility, kindness, and a heart for service are as important today as they ever were. I’m for progress, we have lifted such ignorance and shifted toward inclusion, acceptance, and love. I’m a fan of innovation, expansion, and evolution. It’s just that somewhere along the way people lost sight of the fact we are not “owed” ease and there’s huge dividends paid in the pride of accomplishment. It’s the Warriors among the sheep who must lead. I believe in the earning power of hard work and wise choices. I believe 100% of your attitude is controlled by you. I believe trophies are saved for first place. I believe we earn the right to be called warriors by vanquishing entitlement... Always!! xo🏆d

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