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Merry Christmas Warriors...

I’m laughing to myself as I type these words. I wish I could be on the phone to tell you this story myself because it always makes me laugh. It made Warrior laugh too, after he learned to do Christmas properly, but that first year together...yikes! LOL!!! First Christmases in love are pressure filled. Those first gifts under the tree seem imbued with added, laser focus of least for women. I was about to get an eye opening presentation of gifts I’d never forget. It was my first Christmas away from my family so that was an odd, grown up, dynamic that required getting used to. I was crazy over my beloved so I was ready to crossover and be an adult. Our destination was high desert which provided my first snowy Christmas having been raised in California. On Christmas morning I excitedly presented all my gifts a sorority girl straight out of Arizona State would consider. A handmade scrapbook, a story carefully written, delicately stitched pillows with his logo, our first photo framed, bookmarks made from photo booth was epic! Each gift to Warrior was beautifully wrapped with ninja elf precision and flurry...each had youthful meaning and my current era thought of beauty... The packages for me were wrapped in newspaper...😂...inky newsprint which I reasoned was perfectly fine... because, heck... he was a dude... ...buuuuuuuuut....what was inside was a confounding to say the least and despite my chorus of ooooooohs and awwwwes I was inwardly perplexed... Your hero, Mr. Ultimate himself, wrapped box after box with WWF merchandise. It was cute at first...I got a wrestle buddy, pencil toppers, the action figure I carry on stage every year for the Warrior Award, but it didn’t stop. A key chain wrapped. A child’s sweater (ummmm, huh?) and the piez de resistance...a water gun with his head. 😂😂 *I am laughing again*. I looked around Christmas morning on the floor and realized we had both made it all about him. The greatest thing about Warrior was the fact he was educable. At the end of that Christmas he told me it was the best he’d ever had. I might have scoffed. I was 22years old and full of P&V so told him I’m sure it was as it had been entirely about him. I wasn’t mad, just completely shocked by his lack of emotional intelligence and thought. His face got so soft though, his eyes chagrined, but not sad...he explained he hadn’t had the birthdays or Christmases I’d had growing up but he’d learned this year what they could look like... and what they’d never look like again. That was, perhaps, the greatest gift he ever gave me. That was the gift he gave every Christmas and birthday to all three us his girls. I believe not every memory being made is perfect in the moment but I believe those are the ones you’ll smilingly cherish...Always! xo🎄d 🎅🏻Merry Christmas with love from Casa de Warrior Girl🤶🏻We♥️💚You, Warriors!! 👼🏼👼🏼👼🏼Dana, Indy, Mattie, Mayhem, Mox, Pedigree, And our boy, Blade 🐶 🐶 🐱 🐱  

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