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Warriors Are Honest, Not Rude...

Don't you "love" a know-it-all? You know that person who inserts their "expert" opinion all the time? That person who has the hubris to pretend they know your hearts' petitions better than you. It's one thing to surround yourself with people from whom you seek council… It's another to have those who give opinion or advice without being asked. I've had somebody tell me, "you know I'll always give you my honest opinion." To which I replied, "I'll keep that in mind if I ever decide to ask.". There's a difference between being honest and being rude. People offering unsolicited "honesty" without request is not helpful, it's impolite. This is a matter of basic manners. I chose the word "basic" rather than "common" because much like sense, manners have lost their common touch. I live in a small town and make it my business to know everyone. I treasure my community and treat its people with love. I care about making my interaction with people pleasant so they come away from their workplace feeling valued. I thank the person who bags my groceries: I actually say, "Thank you for bagging my groceries, I appreciate it.". I see the jobs people do and simply give thanks. It isn't hard. My best friend literally laughed out loud when I told her I was nervous last summer about taking on the role of interviewing our WWE Everyday Heroes. She used my famous "ummm" against me and said, "Ummmm, you interview everyone, all day, this is kind of just you, Dana, at Dion's, Starbucks, Albertsons, Whole do you know who had a baby, who wants one, who is struggling, who is thriving, who's kid got off track and who made straight A's? always, always ask...and then you care enough to listen.". I do ask and I do care and people do tell me not just how they are but HOW THEY ARE..because they know when I ask, I'm really asking. To me this is just decency. As I travel more I go outside my community and into other communities I take to heart. The common thread of the schools and boys and girls clubs we visit are the good manners of the kids. Never mind I can get off a plane with grown adults shoving in front; I make my case immediately and directly *oh, certainly, ladies first (with my grand sweep of an the dude who just elbowed me in the forehead)*, it's the school kids we meet who give me hope manners are still valued. Respectful behavior toward adults, appreciation for their community, deep, abiding gratitude and commitment to excellence in academics as well as citizenship are paramount in the success of the kids we meet. A pilar of my personal philosophy is the application of good manners and how far they can take a person in a mannerless world. We all slide if you've let your graciousness slip, that's ok...pick it back up... ...please.. ...and thank you ;) I believe in the power of please and the impact of thank you. I believe you can tell a lot about a person from the way they treat people from whom they've nothing to "gain". I believe chivalry is the most attractive quality in a man. I believe graciousness is lovelier than any other beauty. I believe it is rude to insert your 'honest opinion' without asking permission. I believe you'll never be common, no matter your station in life, if you will employ the nobility of good manners...Always!!! xo👑d Thank you to every Boys and Girls club and Elementry School I have visited on the Road to WM, both this year and last. Thank you for the excellence you show and the gratitude you exhibit whenever we walk through your doors. Thank you to the administrators and staff, who make it their life's work to develop and cultivate respect and good manners alongside a love for learning. YOU ARE ROYALTY AND THE TRUE ULTIMATE WARRIORS!!!! xo🙏🏻d 

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